Milestones of corporate development in Austria 

Milestones define
a company's history and mark its progress

In the past, these milestones have often laid the foundation for our extensive product range and a wide variety of applications.

Expansion of the sales area to South-East Europe. Bernhard Fischer becomes Managing Director of the Hungarian sales subsidiary.

Expansion of the subsidiary in the south of Linz. 

Müller Alfred goes into well-earned retirement. 


Expansion of drive technology in Austria. Formation of a separate drive technology department. 

Move into the new company building in the Südpark in Linz on 7 January. 


Groundbreaking  for the construction of the new subsidiary in South Park Linz.

Start of the largest drive technology project in intralogistics, in Austria. 

First-time exhibition at the Wels Energy Saving Fair. 

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Foundation of the ebm‑papst sales subsidiary in St. Florian on 01. March 2006 by Alfred Müller.

Bernhard Fischer is appointed as branch manager.

First great successes in customer acquisition, due to the use of energy-efficient fans in the areas of heating technology (biomass and heat pumps) and refrigeration technology.