Controllers for custom made electronics as well as software for ventilation and heating systems.

As a specialist in controllers, we develop and produce (custom made) electronics and software for ventilation and heating systems. Our sustainable products are mainly used in the residential market and in the light commercial buildings market. We supply both original equipment manufacturers as well as other partners in our chain. Organizations who, like us, demand the very highest quality standards.

Our Heat recovery controller is perfectly matched for the ebm‑papst EC centrifugal fan series “RadiCal with scroll housing”. The PCB can be used for central residential heat recovery. The platform is set up to make more economic standard systems up to high valued systems. Two ebm‑papst scroll fans can be connected through Modbus (VMD-02RMS37-2) which will be controlled based on the software application of the PCB..

Fan status and sensor data of the scroll fan are used to optimize the control of the heat recovery unit. This way you can save on installation costs because no extra sensors are needed.

The PCB is prepared to meet most of your requirements. A standard implementation can be 2 scroll fans with relative humidity and temperature sensors and flow control, 4 temperature sensors, a bypass valve control, post- and preheater control and wireless control via sensors, wireless display, or manual controls.

Our VMD-02RPS66-2 supports ebm‑papst fans with PWM-control input.

Airios offers a complete line of flush mounted and wall mounted sensors and user interfaces. Our sensors measure air quality and movement in a residential environment. The sensors and user interfaces can connect to our VMD controllers or via a converter or bridge to a third party controller.

Our sensors can connect with any HRU that has a 0-10V or a Modbus RTU connection!

Our sensors can connect with any HRU that has a 0-10V or a Modbus RTU connection!

  • User Interface
  • Your ventilation unit
  • 0-10V converter
  • Modbus RTU BRIDGE

We offer different types of sensors:

  • RH sensor
  • CO2 sensor
  • Motion detection (PIR)
  • Combination PIR and RH
  • 4-button switch
  • Display