MODULO - MODBUS made easy

SELPRO welcomes you to the world of intelligent solutions from ebm‑papst

Thanks to the combination of SELPRO know-how and ebm‑papst intelligent solutions, MODULO offers the complete solution that solves all the technical restrictions of MODBUS network devices.

With MODULO you will have:

  • connection always under control
  • automatic addressing, especially in case of replacement
  • easy programming of all EC motors in MODBUS network

MODULO represents the new plug & play standard for easy management of MODBUS protocol networks.

MODULO upgrades and improves your EC system.

MODULO is the technical innovation patented by SELPRO, which allows everyone to use the MODBUS, fully exploiting the potential of this technology which amplifies the effectiveness of the energy saving guaranteed by ebm‑papst and you can also collect data on EC motors and all the information you need in a technical report.

MODULO offers the following features:

1. Checks and monitors the connection and Modbus command
2. EC fans automatic addressing
3. EC fans automatic programming
4. Conversion of remote control to ebm‑papst MODBUS protocol
5. MODBUS fail-safe system

Direct activation with free contacts of the ebm‑papst MODBUS functions:

- Exchanger cleaning function (Coil Cleaning System)
- Low capacity (winter function)
- Safeguard function (anti-lock system)
- Silent function (noiseless mode system)
- RPM 100% (multifunctional mode system)
- Remote stop (standby system)

7. Fail safety protection (safety shield)
8. No ice function (handshake mode)
9. Cable break emergency system
10. Signal loss emergency system
11. Faulty fan security function
12. Event-logger and report function

MODULO feature in detail:

- Direct activation with free contacts of the ebm‑papst MODBUS functions -

MODULO with simple free on/off contacts, automatically activates all the special functions available with the ebm‑papst MODBUS protocol, such as:

Cleaning Reinigung
Low Capacity Niedrige Kapazität
Safeguard Schutzfunktion
Silence Mode Leiser Modus
RPM 100% U/Min 100%
Remote On-Off Fernsteuerung Ein-Aus
Modulo Service 24 VAC Module Service 24 VAC
BMS Remote BMS Fernsteuerung

Further MODULO features illustrated:

MODULO checks and monitors the connections of the MODBUS network of each EC motor:

MODULO automatically verifies and addresses and programs all connected EC motors, and highlights problems and differences:

MODULO converts MODBUS commands and 0-10Vdc & 4-20mA signals into the ebm‑papst MODBUS protocol:

MODULO management system:

The MODULO management system, which is completed by the Programming and Monitoring software of the EC motors group, is connected to the MODBUS network of the MODULO units, allowing you to collect data on EC motors and all the information you need in a technical report.

The device is protected by integrated protections, designed to assist ventilation units with active emergency functions:

  • no ice function (hand shake system): automatic unlocking of the fan wheel in case of ice on the rotor
  • cable break system: activation of the emergency speed of the EC fans, programmed in case of connection loss
  • signal loss system: activation of the emergency speed (100%) which is activated automatically in the event of loss of the regulation command
  • faulty fan security function: isolates and signals the motors in case of failure and keeps the ventilation system working

Factory test Werkstest
Safety shield Sicherheitsabschirmung
Watchdog Watchdog
Field service Außendienst
Bridge Bridge

MODULO allows you to offer your customers the intelligent solutions from ebm‑papst. Take advantage of the green future today thanks to our offers. See you soon ... in the future!