Eliwell: “FREE Way” programmable platform

The new “FREE Way” programmable platform from Eliwell is compatible with the IEC 61131-3 industry standard, and combines speed and reliability in an extensive range of compact, high-performance products.

Eliwell: “FREE Way” programmable platform

For over 30 years, Eliwell - part of the Invensys Group - has successfully developed products and solutions for commercial refrigeration and air conditioning technology on behalf of customers worldwide.
The FREE Way programmable platform facilitates integration into building management systems in the residential, commercial, industrial and consumer sectors.

The software suite is simple, open, flexible, and fully compatible with the five IEC61131-3 standard programming languages.
Eliwell offers ready-made function blocks and various user interfaces with which developers can easily and intuitively adapt every step of the application to the specific requirements, substantially shortening development lead times. This enables HVAC/R manufacturers to respond to customer requirements very rapidly.

The interaction between Eliwell and ebm-papst fans is a plug & play solution. All that is needed in order to control fans with MODBUS-RTU is to insert the existing ebm-papst library into the project.

The ebm-papst “Approved Controller” solutions from Eliwell, and the use of environmentally friendly components, significantly improve system efficiency.
Utilize the technical expertise of Eliwell and ebm-papst to fulfill your customers’ requirements.

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