Improved communication with the BACnet gateway for EC fans

The BACnet generation II gateway offers improved communications between ebm‑papst EC fans using the MODBUS protocol and BACnet BMS-controlled systems. The new generation improves functionality, connectivity and user-friendliness. The BACnet generation II gateway is BACnet Protocol Implementation compliant.

Approved Controller

The new gateway can connect up to 18 ebm-papst EC fans with MODBUS functionality, and enables integration with BACnet BMS via TCP/IP or MS/TP RS485 integrated communication portals. The new gateway is designed for BMS monitoring, but can also be used to control the BMS fan speed at high revolutions.

Communication settings can be adjusted on the integrated display with no need for additional devices. The new gateway indicates the fan status, speed, input power, and other fan parameters.

The new gateway also enables fan errors and warnings to be outputted digitally for an alarm system.

The product is currently available exclusively from ebm-papst Australia and New Zealand.