Heating technology systems and components for residential buildings

Modern gas condensing technology is still one of the most economical and efficient solutions for heat in people's homes. With intelligent systems, it helps households to emit much less CO2 and save money, and it increasingly uses clean energy sources instead of natural gas.

Optimum efficiency for heaters

The latest systems with condensing technology are the key to increasing the efficiency of heaters. ebm‑papst offers intelligent, future-proof systems for this purpose. They enable unique efficiency, as all the components, such as gas blowers, Venturi nozzles, gas valve and combustion control systems, are perfectly coordinated. Sensors and the data that can be used from them not only optimize the combustion but also increase the reliability, for example through predictive maintenance. They are also already ready for mixing alternative gases such as hydrogen.


ebm‑papst gas condensing technology solutions up to 50 kW offer these advantages:

  • Extremely efficient
  • Future-proof
  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Easy to integrate
  • Optimally balanced gas-air mixture
  • LIN bus interface
  • High modulation rates
  • H2 ready
VG 100


Our gas blower platform: efficient, compact, quiet, future-proof

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NRG 118

Powerful and robust

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Compact valve for low performance classes

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Active gas supply control

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BCU 100

Intelligent control

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RadiMix HS 100 with CleanEco Sense.

The compact RadiMix HS 100 system solution guarantees efficient combustion thanks to the perfect coordination of its components - regardless of whether it is fuelled with natural gas, biogas or 100% hydrogen.

Its CleanEco Sense combustion control system combines the VG 100 gas blower with the BCU 110 burner control unit and the G20G02 intelligent gas valve.

CleanEco Sense: the new gas-air combination for clean heat.

The new electro-pneumatic CleanEco Sense system can be configured for a very lean start of the condensing boiler. This makes it suitable for both conventional and hydrogen operation.

Short integration time compared to other electronic gas-air control systems.

Conversion to hydrogen always requires the replacement of the burner. However, our components - blower, venturi, gas valve and burner control - can remain unchanged.

The CleanEco Sense G20G02 gas valve, in conjunction with the BCU 110 burner control unit, ensures that the boiler starts safely. In addition, flashback can be prevented when igniting with hydrogen.

The best in class turn-down ratio 1:15 allows the output of the boiler to be precisely matched to the actual heat demand of the home.

VG 100


The optimum quantity and mixing ratio of air and gas for every operating condition.

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ebm-papst NRG_118 blower

NRG 118

Powerful and robust.

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ebm-papst NRG137 blower

NRG 137

The blower for maximum energy efficiency.

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ebm-papst RG_148 blower

RG 148

The tried-and-tested fan platform.

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D01 | E01 | F01

All our gas valves are ready for H2 use.

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Current catalog and onepager about our latest system solutions

Natural gas, hydrogen admixture or 100% hydrogen? Learn more about our latest system solutions in gas condensing technology.

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Using subsidies to heat efficiently

Heating plays an important role in the energy revolution. Modern heat pumps and gas condensing boilers play a central role here. With efficient system components from ebm‑papst for these devices and attractive state funding, environmentally friendly construction and renovation are gaining full momentum.