Control electronics

Intelligent control electronics 
to control your drive system

Intelligent control electronics to control your drive system

Our intelligent control electronics offer you the most efficient solution for executing your automation task. Regardless of whether you need simple speed control or complete travel commands via a BUS interface- ebm‑papst offers you the right solution for your drive system


External K5 control electronics with BUS interface

  • Speed, torque and positioning mode
  • With CANopen (DS402) or EtherCAT (CoE) interface
  • Integrated digital inputs and outputs as well as integrated analog inputs
  • Freely programmable, thanks to integrated MPU (Motion Process Unit)


External K4 control electronics

  • Speed, torque and positioning mode
  • Control via digital I/O
  • Parameterization via RS485 interface
  • Integrated ballast control

External K3 control electronics

External K3 control electronics

  • Motor commutation and speed control
  • 4-quadrant controller
  • Speed specification as standard via analog setpoint 0 ... 10 V DC
  • Monitoring functions for output current and voltage

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