Efficient cooling 
for data centers

Count on sustainable solutions

Work generates heat. So it's no wonder that data centers quickly get too hot. To prevent this, a large proportion of the energy required must be used just on cooling the hardware.

Thank goodness for ebm‑papst’s highly efficient EC fans, which increase cooling capacity and reduce energy consumption. And because every data center has different requirements, a wide range individual solutions are possible – from cooling individual rows of servers through to modular designs with high air performance and cooling towers.

Always intelligently networked, of course, for maximum transparency and reliability with lower costs and emissions.

Discover ebm‑papst in data centers

From a structural point of view, no two data centers are alike. That's why with ebm‑papst there is not just one, but a variety of good solutions.

Cooling individual rows of servers through to modular designs with high air performance and cooling towers.

Data center infrastructure management (DCiM) – the benefits:

  • Real-time control: utilization, status, current consumption
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Increased energy efficiency with the aid of sensors

Overhead heat exchanger – the benefits:

  • Maximum efficiency and power density in a compact installation space
  • Benchmark in terms of noise characteristics
  • Aerodynamically perfected complete system
  • Robust design for outdoor use
  • Long service life 

FanGrid – the benefits:

  • Efficient and fail-safe operation
  • High overall efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Low noise emissions
  • Infinitely variable speed control features

InRow cooling (server) – the benefits:

  • High efficiency
  • High power density
  • Unrivalled compactness
  • Perfectly coordinated components
  • Extremely quiet operation

Base station – the benefits:

  • Steep performance curve
  • Flexible and efficient
  • Quiet operation
  • Robust

Dry cooler/chiller/condenser – the benefits:

  • Maximum efficiency and power density
  • Compact installation space
  • Benchmark in terms of noise performance
  • Aerodynamically perfected complete system
  • Robust design for outdoor use
  • Long service life

Cooling tower – the benefits:

  • For use even in the harshest environmental conditions
  • Maximum efficiency values
  • Long service life
  • Robust design
  • Can be used in exhaust or suction mode

Precision air-conditioning units/CRAC – the benefits:

  • High power density
  • Unrivalled compactness
  • Perfectly coordinated components
  • High efficiency
  • EC fans with two speed settings or infinitely variable control
  • Reliable air conditioning

CRAH/AHU/indoor AHU – the benefits:

  • Perfectly coordinated complete system
  • Highly efficient GreenTech EC motor
  • Intelligent control electronics
  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • Genuine measured values from certified test laboratories for reliable planning


Instead of one large fan, several small fans work together in parallel in FanGrids. This increases resilience and boosts efficiency at every operating point.

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RadiPac EC centrifugal fans feature outstanding characteristics ranging from high efficiency and easy handling to a small footprint. They can also cope with any installation situation.

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The new generation of RadiCal EC centrifugal fans is more efficient, more powerful, and quieter than ever. And with no change to the installation dimensions, making it easy to upgrade older cooling technology.

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AxiBlade fan in housing, slight lateral view, with reflection


Ideal for the data center sector, the revolutionary fan concept features best-in-class efficiency and noise performance.

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DiaForce product image


The new DiaForce diagonal compact fans combine the advantages of axial and radial design and are bursting with power. They also have brains. Perfect for future-proof server cooling.

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Axitwin compact axial fan


With counter-rotating fan wheels, AxiTwin compact fans ensure high flow rates with minimal installation space. So highly integrated electronics always keep a cool head.



The new AxiForce compact fan series ensures that sensitive future technologies are effectively protected. And noise emissions are kept nicely within limits.

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Flexiconnect Energetix


Increased efficiency, fewer CO2 emissions, full control: FlexiConnect data center infrastructure management controls exactly as required and displays all data in real time.

That’s where intelligent technolgy comes in.

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When it comes to finding the perfect cooling system, it’s not just product features that are crucial, but the optimal interaction of all components. We offer intelligently networked complete solutions for detailed data acquisition and analysis, demand-driven operation, and remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

And we provide you with everything from a single source: server and cloud connections, interfaces, protocols, proprietary software, application-specific algorithms and comprehensive product expertise. Networking is via Modbus, WiFi, Ethernet, Bluetooth, or NFC.

Our intelligently networked solutions provide clear information in real time. So you can monitor all the key parameters such as temperature, speed and power consumption at any time and from anywhere.

The aim of preventive maintenance is to avoid downtime and stoppages. To do this, the fan sends information about upcoming maintenance work. In conjunction with optional vibration detection, critical vibration velocities can also be detected and suppressed. The result: a longer service life for the entire system and a lower total cost of ownership.

Predictive maintenance relies on highly accurate sensor technology combined with integrated intelligence to provide accurate information about the actual condition of the fan. Based on this data, precise information about the remaining service life is possible depending on the relevant usage behavior.

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Sweden’s coolest data center

The Swedish provider BAHNHOF converted a bunker in Stockholm into an unusual data center. Fans from ebm‑papst keep the electricity bill just as cool as the location.