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Welcome to the world of
ventilation and drive technology!

We are your energy-efficient partner across Austria for leading technologies, pioneering application solutions and innovative products. 

For ebm‑papst Austria, the focus is on an individual, efficient and personal dialogue with our customers. With us, you have a strong and reliable partner for all your concerns regarding ventilation and drive technology.

We stand for efficiency, enthusiasm and humanity! 

AxiBlade fan with central, green cirlcle, frontal view, with reflection

Axial fans

Axial fans from ebm‑papst impress with their shallow installation depth, low noise levels and outstanding levels of efficiency. They are particularly suited to heat exchanger throughflow.

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Centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fans from ebm‑papst are available in both AC and GreenTech EC technology versions. Thanks to integrated electronics, any control, monitoring and maintenance functions can be implemented – whether for the smart home or Industry 4.0.

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VG 100


ebm‑papst developed the world's first gas blower for heating technology. To date we are the only company to develop blowers, venturis, valves and combustion controllers together with our customers and supply everything as a full package. 

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Brushless internal rotor motor ECI 80

Drive systems

Anyone looking for a special drive for a particular application usually has to work out the right design for each of these components and find an appropriate supplier. ebm‑papst customers have no such worries – thanks to our unique modular range of drive system products.

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Tangential blowers

Stove jacket cooling, storage heaters, wood-burning stoves, underfloor convectors, air doors, air conditioners and heaters – all of these applications need a ventilation system with a shallow design and high air flow rates. The ideal solution: Tangential blowers from ebm‑papst. 

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gas valves


ebm‑papst gas valves provide a highly precise air-gas mixture. They are ideally suited to condensing units with pneumatic combined control systems. 

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The control action provided by the electronics ensures the perfect coordination of drive technology and aerodynamics, which is required to implement complex automation solutions. ebm‑papst not only provides the hardware for this, but also the intelligent control software. 

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EC compact fan ACI 4400 product image

Compact fans

For decades, fans from ebm‑papst have been the benchmark in electronics cooling. They provide numerous additional functions with electronics that have already been installed and can be intelligently networked with the relevant device logic.

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We serve to an array of industries


Those who venture down new paths find success. Innovative drive technology has to transform today’s technological trends, market demands and specific user requirements into new, highly efficient quality products. Elements like mechatronics, electronics and software have to be precisely integrated, be optimized to specific sectors and fulfill economic and ecological demands.


Our contribution as a technological partner: AC and EC drives that are characterized by their maximum performance, dynamics and accuracy of speed. Energy and space-saving ventilation systems that are indispensable in modern traffic technology thanks to their high pressure consistency, low noise levels and long service life. They open doors and windows, regulate switches and signals, air condition passenger compartments and cool technical infrastructure.

Household Appliances

Many of the “kitchen aids” available nowadays have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. The same can be said of ebm‑papst's innovations, which can be found in almost every household appliance. The powerful motors, fans and pumps not only excel in terms of efficiency and sustainability in private households, they are also ideally equipped for delivering top performance in commercial kitchen technology and professional laundry care.

Heating technology

Since creating the world's first gas blower for heating technology, we have been the market leader of efficient components and complete, perfectly matched systems. To date we are the only company in the world to develop blowers, venturis, valves and combustion controllers together with our customers and supply everything as a full package. Enjoy the benefits of our well established and constantly updated technology combined with unique system expertise.


ebm‑papst fans have a diverse range of applications in ventilation technology. We have always set standards in developing completely silent fans, reducing energy consumption and utilizing all options thanks to modern, integrated electronics.


ebm‑papst fans have a diverse range of applications in air conditioning. We manufacture the actual core of a system: the fan unit. Therefore, we have to make continual progress.


With its wide range of products, ebm‑papst offers the ideal solution for every performance range and every refrigeration application. For many years now, our axial and centrifugal fans have been setting new efficiency and reliability standards thanks to the seamless interaction between our motor technology, aerodynamics and electronics.

robots in a car plant

The wide and innovative range of axial and centrifugal fans in AC and GreenTech EC technology, which ebm‑papst has designed especially for the machinery and systems sector, meets customer-specific requirements in every respect.

Experienced orthopedist helping his colleague with the interpret

Demographic changes mean that patients are getting older and have more complex needs. The health service provider market is becoming increasingly competitive and requires more and more streamlining. Both of these issues require new technical resources. Only experienced manufacturers are able to develop solutions that operate safely and reliably and satisfy the highest standards − from small, smooth running high-speed motors to high-performance synchronizable positioning drive units.


including telecommunications base stations, telecommunication refrigeration devices, IT hardware.

Efficient cooling for data centers

Work generates heat. So it's no wonder that data centers quickly get too hot. Thank goodness for ebm‑papst’s highly efficient EC fans, which increase cooling capacity and reduce energy consumption.