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Clean air = healthy air

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a crucial factor when it comes to the health, well-being, and productivity of anyone indoors. It is crucial because people in industrial nations spend more than 90 percent of their time there and breathe 15,000 liters of air in and out every day. But what is the quality of this air that we breathe every day?

ebm‑papst boosts Indoor Air Quality. We are experts in the field of air – from economical distribution thanks to efficient fans to increasing its quality using sensors. Whether it's decentralized residential ventilation or retrofitting ventilation systems – we have the expertise required to achieve measurable added value for you with clean air. 


Fresh air as productivity booster

Efficient and smart air treatment

Fans from ebm‑papst move air, making them a key factor for ensuring Indoor Air Quality. When it comes to air conditioners, ventilation systems, or air purifiers, they have an effect on the exchange, temperature, and humidity, and thus the purity of the air.

We supply fans that are perfectly tailored to your application. Maximum efficiency, demand-based control, and built-in intelligence are standard at ebm‑papst.

RadiCal Spiralgehäuse

People indoors need fresh air. You can help ensure health and well-being in your own four walls thanks to centralized and decentralized ventilation systems with energy-efficient and quiet fans such as the RadiCal in scroll housing

The RadiPac centrifugal fan product range is energy-efficient, quiet, compact and intelligent.

People who are breathing in good air are much more productive. The RadiPac has all interfaces on board as standard to help you keep an eye on the cost-effectiveness and data of your ventilation systems at all times.


Replacing old fans saves energy and money, but what about the quality of the distributed air? Fans such as the RadiPac ((LINK)) are the benchmark – in terms of efficiency, controllability, and easy exchange. It is also extremely quiet – and a pleasant noise level also has a positive effect on well-being.

Success stories of our customers

Breathe deeply at home – efficient residential ventilation in "Dschingis Khan" 

Breathe deeply at home – efficient residential ventilation in "Dschingis Khan" 

316 houses in Sweden's largest residential complex were retrofitted with EC fans. They provide fresh and good-quality air to the interior quietly and efficiently.

For healthier get-togethers – 60% energy savings thanks to a retrofit with sensor-based control

For healthier get-togethers – 60% energy savings thanks to a retrofit with sensor-based control

A comprehensive retrofit project not only ensures a good atmosphere, but above all ensures good air in the event rooms at Beutelsbach Stiftskeller monastery cellar. Fans distribute the air efficiently and sensors and gateways from ebm‑papst neo ensure quality. 

Making IAQ visible – with data 

Data makes Indoor Air Quality and its added value transparent. That's why ebm‑papst offers fans with integrated sensors, external sensors, and soft sensors. They record environmental data such as temperature, humidity, fine dust, CO2, or TVOC values and provide the basis for successful measurement and monitoring for good air.

With RESET, ebm‑papst has the world's first sensor-based building standard as a partner. RESET monitors, certifies, and provides communication about the air quality in your building. You have transparency with regard to all data and at the same time keep an eye on economic efficiency at all times.

Success stories of our customers

Transparent and economical ventilation – RESET certification for PwC

Transparent and economical ventilation – RESET certification for PwC

Poor air in the office is a thing of the past: the consulting company had its Portuguese office undergo RESET certification and gained real-time insight into all air quality data.

Monitors for good air – RESET certification for Gerald Eve

Monitors for good air – RESET certification for Gerald Eve

In the new London office of the real estate advisors Gerald Eve, everything is state-of-the-art, including the ventilation system: sensors measure data in real time and all employees breathe RESET-certified air.

Solutions for data-based buildings

Our cloud solution collects data from existing systems, analyses them, and derives actions from them that add value. Algorithms learn from user behavior, building characteristics and environmental conditions, which helps to create an optimized indoor eco-system.



Climate-neutral district thanks to smart ventilation

Europe's first climate-neutral urban district is being built in Ludwigsburg. It is owned by the Maier family, who have made the most of what digital connectivity has to offer, in order to maximize the site’s sustainability credentials via the cloud.

Read about how the vision is becoming reality thanks to smart ventilation.