Air purifiers in residential buildings

With quiet, energy-saving fans for perfect indoor air.

Fans and blowers –
this is how you keep rooms clean

Air purifiers remove dust, pollen and spores from indoor air. One fan draws the air from the room into the device, which purifies the air using various filters. A second fan returns the clean air to the room. This requires particularly quiet-running fans that can be precisely controlled to suit the given situation.

Air purifiers in residential buildings – with quiet, energy-saving fans for perfect indoor air

We supply the right solutions for optimum performance and efficient, contaminant-free indoor air. Our range of products covers fans and blowers. See below for the full portfolio of ebm‑papst products designed to help air purifiers perform at their best.

Overview of our products for air purifiers:


The second-generation RadiCal EC centrifugal fans are quieter and more efficient than ever. The RadiCal now handles even more air with the same compact installation dimensions.

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Centrifugal compact fans

Centrifugal compact fans from ebm‑papst are the supreme high-pressure specialists in a radial design with 90° air deflection and aerodynamically optimized impellers – in many sizes and configuration levels. 

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Our new RadiPac product range is not only powerful, it is also especially energy-efficient, quiet, compact and intelligent. It also boasts outstanding efficiency values and all conditions – now up to size 1,000.

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Centrifugal fan with forward-curved blades

Energy-saving, convenient control and minimal noise generation: centrifugal fans with forward-curved blades and GreenTech EC technology.

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Building Connect –
solutions for data-driven buildings

ebmpapst neo - Building Connect

We can help you optimize your buildings with data. In concrete terms, this means: Our cloud solution collects data from existing systems, analyses it, and derives actions from it that add value. You too can benefit from an optimized indoor ecosystem.

This is how much GreenIntelligence there is in our residential ventilation solutions

When it comes to residential ventilation, devices need above all to be reliable, cost-saving, and tailored to requirements. To achieve this, GreenIntelligence provides you with efficient fan solutions for intelligent networking. 

Better air. Better life.
Creating a healthy environment for better comfort and productivity with indoor air quality.

Indoor air with no harmful particles – the result of a collaboration between Wood's & ebm‑papst

Swedish company Wood's develops and produces air purifiers that not only remove harmful particles from indoor air, but also inspire high-tech visions. ebm‑papst fans facilitate low energy consumption and low noise levels: two advantages that should not be underestimated.