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The simple EC system solution for industry and ventilation technology

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Compact, efficient, easy retrofitting Centrifugal fan with backward-curved blades, dual inlet and scroll housing

Our RadiFit centrifugal fan product range with scroll housing, dual inlet and backward-curved blades is the new system solution for a wide range of industrial and ventilation technology applications. With their highly efficient GreenTech EC motors, they can offer excellent efficiency at high pressures. They are also extremely compact, light and robust. But, best of all, the RadiFit’s installation dimensions are standard. So installation and replacement are child's play. And it's maintenance-free too!

All the advantages at a glance

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  • Compact, efficient, easy to retrofit
  • Great efficiency with high pressures
  • Light and robust
  • Simple installation

The performance ranges of the RadiFit centrifugal fan

RadiFit performance

Examples of typical air conditioning applications
for centrifugal fans

Low-profile air conditioner with RadiFit ø 250 mm

In air conditioned buildings, the warm exhaust air is used to control the temperature of the inlet air. For this purpose, fans convey the air through the heat exchanger and then through the inlet and exhaust air ducts.
Stringent energy conservation regulations require not just a compact design and flexible control of the fans, but also high efficiency. Just like our new RadiFit.

Air Handling Unit

Central air conditioning unit with RadiFit ø 400 mm

In central air conditioning systems, various components are used, such as filters, heat exchangers, humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The job of the fans is to convey the air through all these components, as well as through a branching duct system, whilst at the same time providing compensation for the high pressure losses.
The system should also save as much space as possible and permit simple, demand-based ventilation for a large number of rooms. The flexible, robust and easily implemented solution: our new EC centrifugal fans


Examples of typical industrial applications
for centrifugal fans

Generator cooling with RadiFit ø 310 mm

A fan forces the ambient air through narrow ducts on the generator to cool it.
Our centrifugal fans also show off all their strengths in this application: The integrated speed control means that cooling can always be adapted to the load or heat generation. The fan requires very little space, as no separate control unit is required. And it's maintenance-free too!

Retrofit: old replaced with high efficiency

Energy efficiency means low operating costs. Our centrifugal fans with GreenTech EC technology are so much better than conventional fans that even converting existing systems quickly pays off. What's more, the new product range has a particularly long service life and is absolutely maintenance-free, which helps to reduce operating costs and life cycle costs even further. And, last but not least, ebm-papst supplies the fans complete with housing and fitted with control electronics (VSD), so installation costs are also kept to a minimum.
The difference becomes clear if you compare an old belt drive with a flange-mounted motor: Instead of having to bother connecting up several different components, everything is already integrated into the RadiFit in a highly compact unit with maximum energy efficiency.

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RadiFit EC centrifugal fans – compact, efficient, easy to retrofit

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