Version 3.30 download

EC-Control Version 3.30 download

EC-Control is PC software for direct digital control of ebm-papst EC fans, drives and controllers. It allows visualization and parameterization of both ebmBUS and MODBUS fan motors in individual equipment and in entire facilities.

EC-Control especially facilitates the following activities: 

  • Parameter setting including operating mode, set value and control parameters: Fan motor addressing
  • Parameter readout including actual speed, serial number, production date and errors
  • Scaling for properties of an external sensor
  • Reading current failure status as well as failure history
  • Configuring master and slave fan motors
  • Monitoring facilities, including the option to report failures via e-mail
  • Monitoring ebmBUS motors simultaneously with MODBUS fan motors (requires at least two interface converters)

Supports all of the following RS485 interface types - RS232, Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB.