The RV45 DC centrifugal fan is a quiet helper
for medical technology and more.

RV45 DC centrifugal fan

Interruptions in breathing while sleeping, also known as sleep apnea, affects many people over the age of 40. The percentage of sufferers has reached double figures. And treatment is vital here given that, if left untreated, sleep apnea can lead to secondary conditions such as high blood pressure, heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia or even a heart attack.

The RV45 centrifugal fan assists breathing by ensuring a regulated supply of fresh air into the lungs. Further possible applications in medical technology include intensive care ventilation, mobilization of mucus and mobile air filtering systems, e.g. for respirators.

All your advantages at a glance:


So many strengths In such little space

  • Quiet-running: Exemplary noise level of just 49 dB(A)
  • Highly dynamic characteristics and performance: up to 100 rev/ms
  • Static pressure increase of over 5,000 Pa
  • Intelligent design: Highly compact outer dimensions and
    weighs only 135 grams

The RV45 DC centrifugal fan from ebm-papst

A good night’s sleep is guaranteed with the new RV45 centrifugal fan. With its compact construction, highly dynamic pressurization performance and low operating noise, it is perfectly suited to the particular requirements of medical respirators.

Lifesaver for sleepers

Dynamic air delivery for demanding applications: Fans used in the medical sector – for example in sleep apnea breathing devices – have to meet particularly high standards with regard to dynamics, smooth operation, reliability and compactness.
Having your sleep constantly disrupted at night by sudden breathing interruptions (apnea) can cause health risks. Air blowers can help to bypass or avoid this condition.

These systems and equipment use a range of blowers from ebm-papst. It is essential that they are quiet and that they ensure a perfectly constant pressure at the treatment level determined at the sleep lab.
Durable, maintenance-free centrifugal blowers with outstanding control characteristics, aerodynamically optimized for use in respiration devices, are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.
Products from ebm-papst, a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of blower solutions for respiration devices, have been used in numerous applications for years. To make sure that you too get a restful night's sleep.

Human breathing

We breathe in, we breathe out.

An adult repeats this process around 20,000 times a day.

Read all the details

Two brochures entitled “Maximize performance even with sizes 630 and 710? Yes! AxiBlade – your ebm-papst solution”


The info pack contains:

Brochure with technical details on the product:

  • Characteristic curve map
  • Dimensions
  • Performance data
Whitepaper: RV45


White paper with information on:

  • Technology in the health service
  • Sleep apnea


The live recording of our seminar "RV45/RVE45 centrifugal fan for dynamic air delivery"

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