Economical components
for transport technology

ebm-papst in transport technology

Our contribution as a technological partner: AC and EC drives that are characterized by their maximum performance, dynamics and accuracy of speed. Energy and space-saving ventilation systems that are indispensable in modern traffic technology thanks to their high pressure consistency, low noise levels and long service life. They open doors and windows, regulate switches and signals, air condition passenger compartments and cool technical infrastructure.

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Fans, drive and blower systems in transport technology

Did you know that ebm-papst is with you on your travels? Our fans help to reliably and efficiently maintain a nice temperature in trains, buses, and motorhomes while you travel. And our drives silently and reliably open and close the doors in trains. Trucks, train or construction machinery drivers also benefit from being able to perfectly control the air conditioning in their cabs, making their everyday working lives easier.


Setting the agenda for greater comfort

What drives the transport of the future?

Today, the passenger alone decides where the journey is going. Things like comfort, accessibility, safety and a service-oriented focus allow operators to improve passenger satisfaction and increase their cost efficiency every day.

As a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of reliable air movement solutions for Transport engineering, ebm‑papst products have been implemented in a full spectrum of vehicles and systems over many years

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Power without losses

Power electronics in mobile technology require effective cooling in the most demanding environments. Heat energy from power losses in electricity generation, power transmission and distribution must be dissipated quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

Specific blowers and fans from ebm papst are used in these applications. They need to feature low noise levels, a long service life, electromagnetic compatibility and high pressure consistency. Energy and space-saving ventilation systems with compact, conveniently adjustable drives are used in a wide range of designs and performance classes.

As a renowned engineering partner and manufacturer of air movement solutions for electronics cooling, ebm papst products have been used on all routes in numerous applications for decades. 

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Comfort on the move

ebm‑papst offers a special fan range for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in driver and passenger compartments that precisely meets the requirements for transport applications.

Centrifugal blowers or axial fans with GreenTech EC technology are available in multiple voltages and are particularly good at saving energy, easy to control, and can be counted on to perform in the harshest environments.

ebm‑papst represents the highest quality standards. It is a given that our fans are also qualified to meet the requirements for heavy duty off-road vehicle applications.

You can be confident that we have a solution for nearly every customer-specific requirement, or if not – we can develop one for you.

You can find all details on our product solutions for transportation technology in our product catalog.


The catalog contains:

  • All fans and drive concepts for rail technology
  • Performance data and dimensions
  • Accessories
  • Connection diagrams 



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The catalog contains:

  • All fans and drive concepts for all transportation technology
  • Performance data and dimensions
  • Accessories
  • Connection diagrams 

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