Active PFC gets lagging energy into shape

Electric devices or electronic systems with a poor power factor draw more electricity from the grid than operationally necessary. That costs money and, in the worst case, jeopardize the operational reliability of power grids and critical infrastructure.

At ebm‑papst, we have been countering this problem for many years with active power factor correction (PFC). This technology is integrated into our EC fans and works to prevent interfering harmonic components and stop reactive power.

As a result, your systems will run much more efficiently and reliably. Allowing components for the energy and emergency power supply can be scaled down. Benefit from energy in top form!

Operational reliability and efficiency for a variety of applications.

Data centers must not run hot. EC fans with three-phase active PFC provide reliable cooling and eliminate the need for excessively large or powerful power supply components. This ensures an even load and safeguards the flow of data.

In hospitals, a stable power supply is a matter of life and death. EC fans with three-phase active PFC prevent emergencies caused by current harmonics and maintain low operational costs.

Three-phase active PFC from the pioneering manufacturer

Current harmonics are generally created every time speed-controlled drives are in operation, whether these are AC/PM motors with a variable frequency drive or EC motors. With our invention of integrating active PFC directly into our fans, we are therefore addressing this problem directly where it is created. The integrated harmonic filter prevents interfering harmonic components and therefore allows for an ideal, linear current draw. This is demonstrated by our large number of successful reference projects over the last ten years.

Your benefits:


Only the required power is drawn thanks to active PFC. This saves money and is good for the environment.


That means the ratio of effective power to apparent power is nearly ideal.


A good power factor stabilizes the line voltage. Active PFC also reduces electromagnetic interference, allowing systems to run without problems.


A low total harmonic distortion is a sign of low current distortion and a high voltage quality. This distortion is approximately 2% at the rated output.


There is no need for any other filters or energy components.


Multiple fans can be operated simultaneously.


There is no additional wiring work involved.


Various fans with active PFC from one experienced supplier. That includes products and electronics that are perfectly matched to one another.

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The formula for current harmonics

Current harmonics are a burden for the power grid and the budget. Instead of going to great lengths to reduce them, it is best to avoid them altogether.