Whichever way you turn it: benchmark.
The RadiPac
Now with big gain. 
The RadiPac for even larger air volumes

Impossible? Not any more!

The requirements for ventilation and air conditioning devices are constantly increasing, especially when it comes to energy efficiency. This is due to increasingly strict legal requirements, as well as the growing environmental awareness of users and the possibility of saving energy costs. The fans also need to be as quiet as possible, intelligent, and straightforward at the same time.

All of this poses major challenges for engineers. After all, every improvement in one area always means a compromise somewhere else. Can there be a fan that is impressive across the board?

ebm‑papst provides the answer with the RadiPac: not only is it powerful but also especially energy efficient, quiet, compact and intelligent. Simply the benchmark, no matter how you spin it.

When your customers say,
the ventilation system is too loud...

Noise emissions have a direct impact on people's performance and health. Especially in indoor environments, this issue is a decisive factor. Detecting and eliminating the causes of noise in ventilation and air-conditioning systems can therefore be a real game changer.

Our whitepaper provides you with comprehensive information on the topic of noise, how to identify and eliminate the causes, and what solutions we have for indoor air handling systems. Learn more in our whitepaper "The good sound in indoor climate".

The new RadiPac with high-performance impeller: only the best for ventilation technology.

ebm‑papst has been consistently developing the RadiPac product range for many years, both in terms of aerodynamics and in EC motor technology. An aerodynamically optimized impeller made of high-strength, glass-fiber reinforced plastic and GreenTech EC motors with newly developed high-performance electronics significantly increased the performance again.

Of course, you can continue to get the RadiPac with the metal impeller and in numerous variants for almost any conceivable application.


Thanks to the aerodynamically optimized impeller, the new RadiPac achieves air flows of up to 20,000 m3/h and pressures of more than 2,000 Pa.


The newly developed 8 kW drive sets a new benchmark as the most powerful drive in its class – with even more compact dimensions.


The new 4-kW and 8 kW electronics come with a configurable control interface and MODBUS RTU as standard.


Thanks to an integrated vibration sensor, resonance points can simply be "passed over" to prevent premature bearing damage.


The one solution for all your needs: 

All information on the new RadiPac:
Now in the white paper, the brochure and the exclusive Fresh World premiere presentation.

Two brochures entitled “Maximize performance even with sizes 630 and 710? Yes! AxiBlade – your ebm-papst solution”

Centrifugal fan with a new look.
The RadiPac C Perform.

The fan is based on the latest RadiPac technology, supplemented by a housing made of four aerodynamically shaped, sendzimir galvanized sheet steel segments designed to further reduce flow losses. As a result, the RadiPac C Perform achieves a more than 4% points higher efficiency – once again setting the benchmark, no matter which way you spin it.


A clear advantage:
GreenTech EC technology


Simple and safe

In the RadiPac, the motor and intelligent control electronics form a single unit. There is no need for external devices, safety measures and complex adjustments. Simply connect using plug & play: that's it.

Compact and space-saving

The high-performance impeller is mounted directly on the rotor of the external rotor motor. This saves space and allows the entire rotating unit to be balanced in a single clamping operation.

Efficient and sustainable

Since the impeller, motor and electronics are optimally coordinated, RadiPac achieves efficiency levels far above efficiency class IE5, without using rare-earth magnets that are critical for the supply.

Versions and accessories

In order to suit every installation situation, the RadiPac is available in various designs – the choice is yours: 

In the standard version, the most powerful motor is completely pulled out of the flow area. In the short version, the motor is immersed in the impeller. This makes the fans more compact but with a slightly lower pressure increase. However, they still offer a significant increase in performance compared with previous models.


Both RadiPac versions are available as a motor-impeller combination or as a ready-to-install plug & play solution in a compact support bracket. The support plates are dimensioned to make the best possible use of space on a Euro pallet. This saves transport costs and improves the CO2 footprint.


In addition to the aerodynamically optimized plastic impeller, ebm‑papst also offers its RadiPacs with metal airfoil blades. They are particularly robust and are suitable for applications in which large volumes of air need to be moved. As with all RadiPacs, the complete plug & play system impresses with outstanding system efficiency – available in all standard sizes from 250 to 1,000.


The fans are also available with the FlowGrid air inlet grille, which works like a rectifier and reduces noise-generating turbulence in the inflow. The air performance and power consumption remain unchanged. In the completely enclosed version, the FlowGrid is also used as a guard grill.

EC fans are used on a large scale to ensure that the heat generated in data centers is dissipated efficiently. In order to avoid overdimensioning the power supply and to meet the corresponding requirements with regard to current and voltage harmonics, ebm‑papst has developed the 3-phase active PFC fan.

The approach of the 3-phase active PFC fan technology from ebm‑papst is to prevent current harmonics from occurring at all instead of filtering them out afterwards with additional components, which involves a lot of effort.

Find out more

For ventilation and air conditioning in large buildings, the air often has to travel long distances through external pressure elements and angled air ducts. Our RadiPacs, which are specially optimized for these requirements, deliver a static pressure increase of up to 2,500 Pa and air performance levels of up to 15,000 m³/h. They are available in sizes 355, 400, 560 and 630, with support bracket or cube design as required. 

You can find more information here: The specialist for high static pressure 

RadiPacs with additional corrosion protection measures are available in sizes 250 to 800 – with support bracket and cube design. In these versions, all metal surfaces have an additional coating.

ebm‑papst offers specially protected ATEX versions for use in potentially explosive atmospheres of zones 1 and 2. These are available in sizes 400 to 630.

Do you need even more air? Our newly developed 24 kW GreenTech EC motor has enabled us to expand the RadiPac's power range again. The high-performance drive is installed in sizes 710 and 800 with a robust metal impeller, enabling air performances of up to 40,000 m³/h and up to 2,500 Pa to be achieved.

Big gain.

Finally, even applications with large air performance benefit from the advantages of GreenTech EC technology and the proven external rotor design. Discover the RadiPac with new 24 kW motor for airflows up to 40,000 m³/h.

Benchmark down to the last detail:

Electronics and connection area

  • Adaptable thanks to configurable control interface
  • Universally deployable
  • Increased operational reliability
  • Simple commissioning
  • Easy to replace

Support bracket/cube design

  • Easy installation in AHU 
  • Aerodynamically perfected 
  • Effective reduction of vibrations 

GreenTech EC motor

  • Unbeatably compact
  • High efficiency
  • Economical operation
  • Low noise emissions
  • Long service life


  • Innovative geometry reduces flow losses
  • Wavy cover plate for the best possible air flow rate
  • Low noise emissions
  •  Glass-fiber reinforced composite material
  • Permanently high circumferential speeds

Also available with metal impeller.

Inlet ring

  • Made of composite material
  • Pre-installed
  • Perfectly tuned to the impeller
  • Low losses

Support plate

  • Robust sheet metal design
  • Sendzimir galvanized sheet steel
  • Easy installation in AHU


  • Reduced noise range 
  • Retained efficiency 
  • Compact design 
  • Quick installation 
  • Effective environmental protection 
  • Robust design

Only the best for ventilation technology.

ebm‑papst has been continuously and consistently developing the RadiPac product range for many years – in terms of aerodynamics, motor technology and electronics. This was the only way to achieve a milestone with the latest generation – and to make the almost impossible possible.

Future-proof and sustainable

Taking responsibility for people and the environment is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. That is why we develop durable products designed for maximum environmental compatibility and produce them using processes that conserve resources.

Better air. Better life with indoor air quality.

Better air. Better life with indoor air quality.

Do you want clean air in your home, at work, at school, at the supermarket or when visiting the doctor the doctor? Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a crucial factor for people's health, well-being and productivity.

RadiFit: Compact, efficient, easy retrofitting.

RadiFit: Compact, efficient, easy retrofitting.

Do you need a centrifugal fan with scroll housing? RadiFit is the ready-to-install system solution for a wide range of industrial and ventilation technology applications.

Higher efficiency levels reduce operating costs


Increased power, greater efficiency, less noise: Uwe Sigloch, Director of Product Management at ebm‑papst Mulfingen, talks about the development and advantages of the latest-generation RadiPac series.