Verticle Farming & Greenhouses:

Optimum air supply and distribution for every system size
Technologies and system solutions for control and automated processes
Moisture regulation and nutrient supply as required
Efficient cooling for rooms and technology

Fresh air, great for growing

Fans are responsible for circulating air in verticle farming and greenhouses, helping to supply the plants with the oxygen they need. Legal requirements and increasing energy costs are fueling the market demand for new, innovative solutions. Which is why energy-efficient fans are constantly gaining in importance in agricultural applications.


The advantages of fans from ebm‑papst for vertical farming and greenhouses:

  • Simple installation
  • High-efficiency blade profile
  • Revolutionary noise reduction
  • High efficiency
  • Perfectly coordinated complete system
Plants on vertical farms grow with led lights. Vertical farming is sustainable agriculture for future food and used for plant vaccine.
AxiBlade fan in housing, slight lateral view, with reflection


The new, revolutionary fan concept gets top marks for its efficiency and noise levels.

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AxiBlade fan with central, green cirlcle, frontal view, with reflection


The energy-efficient AxiCool range, now for industrial applications as well.

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HyBlade fan with huge motor in image center, applied with five black blades, frontalview


ebm‑papst is adding new strength to large axial fans with HyBlade®, a hybrid structure for fan blades that is innovative and currently one-of-a-kind!

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Vertical Farming - Aiming high in vertical farming.

With efficient ventilation, drive, and smart automation solutions.

Image from the cover of our Vertical Farming brochure

A tough job in agriculture

A wide range of ventilation, air conditioning and drive technologies are used in the agricultural sector. They have a big task and consume as little energy as possible.