Cooling towers
Cooling towers use large amounts of evaporation heat
from water to recool the water.

Quiet operation
in mixed-use or urban areas

In addition to the industrial sector, cooling towers can also be found in mixed-use or urban areas, where they cool banks’ data centers, for example. It is very important that they operate quietly.

EC axial fans showcase their strengths by generating a high air flow at a low pressure.


The advantages of fans from ebm-papst in cooling towers:

  • Great energy efficiency
  • Robust design
  • Quiet operation
  • High air flow at low pressure
  • Quick to get ready thanks to plug & play

EC medium pressure

Great for cooling.

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RadiPac3 composite


RadiPac EC centrifugal fans offer a whole range of outstanding features, from high efficiency levels to simple handling and compact dimensions. 

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HyBlade fan with huge motor in image center, applied with five black blades, frontalview


ebm-papst is adding new strength to large axial fans with HyBlade®, a hybrid structure for fan blades that is innovative and currently one-of-a-kind!

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AxiBlade fan in housing, slight lateral view, with reflection


The new, revolutionary fan concept gets top marks for its efficiency and noise levels.

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Here you will find our current product brochure
including technical details such as dimensions, characteristic curves and performance data

Team players for efficient cooling towers

Cooling towers for data centers, hospitals, and industrial facilities have increased efficiency requirements. If EC motors are used instead of AC technology, energy consumption and operating costs can be significantly reduced. Switching to EC fans from ebm-papst also pays off, as they offer networking capabilities, can withstand harsh environmental conditions and their speed is infinitely adjustable.