Energy-efficient fans
for air conditioning technology

ebm-papst in air conditioning technology

Our air conditioning fans have a wide variety of applications. We manufacture the actual core of a system: the fan unit. Therefore, we have to make continual progress.

We have always set standards in developing completely silent fans, reducing energy consumption and utilizing all options thanks to modern, integrated electronics.


Air conditioning fans 
for industrial buildings

Did you know that our fans’ performance data are actual measured values from certified test laboratories? This provides manufacturers of technical ventilation devices and system operators with assurance in three different ways: They can easily comply with statutory directives, they can make good calculations with a reliable level of overall efficiency, and the systems reliably provide the required output – regardless of whether the application is producing highly sensitive circuit boards in a clean room or creating a consistent working climate in an assembly hall.

One intelligent solution after another.

Air Handling Unit

Air handling units provide fresh air for indoor rooms.


A fan coil unit consists of a heat exchanger and a fan, and regulates both the temperature and humidity of the air.

Air doors and air curtain

Air curtains build up a wall of air in a matter of seconds to prevent air masses from different areas mixing.

Roof Fans

Roof fans move stale air out of rooms and into the open.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps absorb energy from their surroundings and then feed it into the heating or service water system.

Air heaters

Air heaters use heat registers and modern EC fans to create a pleasant room temperature fast.


In a condenser, the heat transported in the refrigerant is transferred to the ambient air.


Cooling towers use water’s significant evaporation heat to cool water.


Air conditioning fans 
for data centers

Did you know that so much heat is generated in data centers that almost half the energy required is used just to cool the hardware? Fortunately, there are innovative solutions that increase cooling capacity whilst at the same time reducing energy consumption: high-efficiency GreenTech EC fans from ebm-papst. And because every data center has different requirements, especially due to their structural conditions, we offer not just one, but a whole range of individual solutions.

Cool solutions for hot technologies.


Fans operating in parallel provide greater efficiency and ensure fail-safe operation.


Reliable cooling for data centers.

Air handling

AHUs cool data centers without a mechanical cooling system.


In a condenser, the heat transported in the refrigerant is transferred to the ambient air.

Server cooling

Efficient, modern cooling for servers


Air conditioning fans 
for clean rooms

A ventilation system regulates the supply of clean fresh air and produces a controlled clean room environment, keeping the particle content of the air to a minimum.

Future-proof cooling in data centers

Data centers now consume a significant amount of energy thanks to growing trends like mobile internet, cloud computing and internet TV. That’s why energy-efficient fans are a crucial investment for cooling systems.