Fuel cells

Clean energy for the future – economical, efficient, and quiet thanks to ebm-papst.

Clean energy for the future

Fuel cells have a wide range of applications. Because of the wide variety of fuel cell types and performance ranges available, they can be used in many different applications, from cell phones, laptops and mobile applications in cars or buses to supplying energy for apartment blocks or commercial buildings.

Based on the wide range of centrifugal blowers for the heating industry, we are working hard to create ventilation components with a performance spectrum to match fuel cell technology requirements. Our solutions range from blowers for electronics and capacitor cooling, to pure supply blowers for cathode air, to gas blowers for fuel gas supply.


The advantages of ebm-papst components for fuel cells:

  • Great overall efficiency of the motor/blower unit
  • Optimized flow machine
  • Low noise emissions
VG 100

RadiMix up to 150 kW

Spectacularly compact, quiet and efficient

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blowers for blue flame burners

Blowers for blue flame burners

High pressure for good combustion

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blowers for fuel cells

Blowers for fuel cells

Wide platform for diverse areas of application

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Valves - composite pneumatic system

Highest precision with air-gas mixtures

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Protect future technologies effectively with the new tubeaxial fan series AxiForce.

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