The simplest way to the best result. 
ebm‑papst FanScout

With FanScout, your complex search for the right fan solution will have a quick and happy ending. Because as soon as you open FanScout, you're already practically where you want to be. All you need for the perfect result are the requirements of your application – for example, air flow, static pressure, and the planned operating time.

FanScout then guides you through an overview of the best possible fan and FanGrid solutions, which you can compare with each other clearly and intuitively. And to make your decision even easier, FanScout also takes life cycle costs into account – from acquisition to operation and service. 


The proven selection software is now available as a completely redesigned, browser-based version, so you can access the data from anywhere with no need for time-consuming installations or updates.

The most important functions at a glance: 

The new FanScout has been significantly improved in terms of usability, delivering the right results even more easily and clearly. You can now design your product without any time-consuming installations or updates. Simply log in and always access up-to-date data.

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