ebm-papst will be offering the FanTalk online seminar series in April. The latest fans from ebm-papst with axial, centrifugal, and diagonal designs and their applications will be presented across three dates. Participants can ask speakers questions via a chat function and participation is free of charge. 

Axial + centrifugal = diagonal

It kicks off on 04/15/2021 with the latest fan from ebm-papst, the DiaForce diagonal compact fan. Innovative design combined with the latest motor technology enables up to 50% greater air performance and lower noise. An impressive combination with a wide range of applications and which plays an important role in cooling electronics with high availability requirements, e.g. in data centers or base stations for mobile communication.

Centrifugal fans for dynamic air transport

The aerodynamics and motor of the RV45 centrifugal fan are optimized for rapid speed changes. It generates over 5,000 Pa and is still small, lightweight, and quiet. Depending on the requirements, the DC centrifugal fan with integrated electronics (RVE45) and without (RV45) is available. It is used for applications in which dynamic air transport with high static pressure increase is required.  Examples from the industrial environment include vacuum lifters, mobile extraction systems, fire alarm systems, and packaging technology. Respirators and ventilators are typical applications in the medical and laboratory field.

High pressure, small space

The fans in the AxiForce series feature aerodynamically optimized fan impellers and fan housings and have been developed for applications with high back pressure (up to 1,400 Pa). The compact fan is characterized by a steeper characteristic curve, which is required for cooling in densely packed units for automation, for example. The waste heat must be dissipated using an axial air duct design. The AxiForce is also suitable for use in variable frequency drives, robot controllers, and LED displays.

April 15, 2021 DiaForce diagonal compact fans for power electronics cooling

April 22, 2021 RV45/RVE45 centrifugal fans for dynamic air transport

April 29, 2021 AxiForce axial compact fans for applications with high back pressure


Each topic is presented once at 4 p.m. CET in German and twice in English (8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. CET) on the same day so that those in other time zones can also take part. Questions can be asked after each presentation using the chat function. Participation in the FanTalk online seminar series from ebm-papst is free of charge; registration at www.ebmpapst.com/registration.