Angular gearboxes with crown gearhead technology have a lot to offer.

There is now a powerful alternative for reducing the speed of high-speed electric motors. Innovative crown gearboxes are extremely efficient, compact, and can be produced extremely economically. They are suitable for countless applications, thanks in part to one special feature: they have no self-locking mechanism.

With so many advantages, worm and bevel gears might as well pack up and go home. And you can sit back and relax because we have joined forces with the Technical University of Munich to develop a practical tool for the computational design.

Discover all the advantages in detail now and add the crowning touch to your application.

The crowning glory of angular gear technology

  • Reduction ratio up to 10:1 in the single-stage range, i.e. an efficiency level of over 90 %
  • Two-stage up to 113:1, three-stage up to 289:1
  • Less susceptible to thermal expansion
  • Virtually no friction losses: motor power almost completely available for drive

  • Simpler geometries do not require special machines for production
  • Fewer requirements for center distance adjustment
  • Less expensive in comparison
  • Higher single-stage reduction ratios possible

  • No axle offset between input and output shaft
  • Also mirror-inverted without contour damage
  • No motor protrusions: can be integrated in small installation space
  • Advantageous power flow: motor and transmission can be scaled down in size

  • Transmissions can be reversed manually without problems, even in an emergency
  • No components required for decoupling

  • Low heating: little expansion and optimum power flow
  • Extremely smooth operation
  • Particularly long service life

Possible application areas

Ladestationen und Anlagen

door drives

The installation situations of doors often require very compact door drives in order to fulfill structural conditions on site.

robot systems

Modern robot systems can be used to automate numerous production steps. It's good if they can be compact and powerful thanks to crown gearboxes.


In medical devices, it is important that movements can take place precisely and without failures. Crown gearboxes are perfect for this.


Drive technology for driverless transport systems must be compact and powerful at the same time. Crown gearboxes provide optimal support with the right reduction ratio.

Current series and their strengths



The EtaCrown® is a convincing offering with its wide reduction range and compact design. Space can always be saved during installation thanks to zero axle misalignment with a symmetrical structure. High radial loads can also be incorporated via a double ball bearing on the output shaft. 



The EtaCrown®Plus requires minimum assembly space while achieving maximum power. Thanks to a downstream planetary stage, it can achieve significantly higher torques compared to the EtaCrown® of the same size. 

Industrial drive technology

Whatever the combination – you win!

Individualized drive solution in 48 hours – orders of at least 1 unit

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