An ultra-compact two-megawatt gas blower?
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The challenge

Lochinvar, based in Lebanon, Tennessee, is an industry leader in the U.S. for condensing boilers and water heaters. The specialists were looking for a solution to increasing demand for progressively more powerful and yet compact condensing boilers. The problem: Since the boilers are also installed in retrofitting scenarios, they must fit through doors and narrow passages. The second problem: The solution needed to be found quickly, as a prototype was to be showcased at the ISH in Frankfurt which was three months later. This was just the right challenge for ebm-papst, who has been a close engineering partner to Lochinvar for years.

The ebm-papst solution

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The German air and drive specialist also observes the market requirements and, up to this point, had already been working on a new high-performance blower: the G3G 315. In addition to the high performance and the compact size, the solution also has an additional decisive advantage: It is a perfectly coordinated, complete system consisting of motor, aerodynamics and control electronics; this means that Lochinvar no longer needs to assemble the individual components themselves. This also allowed the trade show deadline to be met without any problems.

It was, of course, still a long way to the finished product. After the ISH, an expert team from ebm-papst made their way to the site in order to further develop the blower – everything under high time pressure and in close cooperation with Lochinvar. 18 months later, 200 centrifugal blowers with the desired requirements were ready for installation – just in time for the planned product launch.

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The result

The first project for the new Power-Fin high-performance gas-fired boiler was a building complex in Las Vegas with 300,000 square meters of floor space. Three large-volume gas boilers were replaced with a total of 24 independent, high-performance gas-fired boilers. Controlling the heating line has been considerably improved, and the efficiency of the complete system has been improved by around twenty percent. And, of course, the compact Power-Fins fit without any issues through every standard doorway.

What our client says:

The cooperation was outstanding, with the contacts from ebm-papst at the U.S. subsidiary and with the developers in Landshut and Mulfingen. We never had the feeling that there was anything to worry about.

Neil Rolph
V.P. Engineering and Manufacturing, Lochinvar

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