First class performance
At InnoTrans in Berlin

Experience the future 
of railway technology.

If you have to guarantee maximum reliability every day and want to offer optimum comfort, you need technologies you can depend on.

And this is why we develop ventilation and drive technology that sets the new standards – even when it comes to the most stringent fire protection standards: for example, our fan and motor units that are optimized to the installation space and can be used indoors and outdoors on trains.

They can be connected in next to no time thanks to plug & play. A ModBUS interface ensures smart connectivity, high-performance electronics for maximum efficiency, and a mechanical design for a long service life.


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Perfect for out and about.
The AxiEco Track for railway technology.

In rail vehicles, fans are constantly exposed to significant vibrations. Our AxiEco Track is not concerned by this. It is specially developed for the high requirements of railway technology. In air conditioner condensers, it consistently withstands pressure and ice formation. In cooling systems for electronics and variable frequency drives, it reliably ensures cool air and therefore safe processes.

The entire series impresses with its robust, compact and extremely low-noise design. In sizes 300, 400, 450 and 500, the AxiEco Track meets all industry-relevant standards.

Our railway specialist is also well equipped for the future. Thanks to GreenIntelligence technology, the entire fan series is easy to operate and all operating states can be monitored 24/7. Due to its many product advantages, the intelligently interconnected axial fan is already designed for cooling fuel cells in trains with hydrogen drives.