stove jacket cooling

Stove jacket cooling

Take the heat out of the kitchen

Whether in a traditional way using a tangential blower or using a centrifugal fan perfectly adapted to the customer’s appliance: products from ebm-papst ensure effective cooling of the stove jacket, the oven door, and the control electronics. The controlled extraction of steam from the inside of the oven where the food is cooked also prevents the oven door steaming up. 

stove jacket cooling

All your advantages at a glance:

  • Cooling for stove jackets, control electronics and oven door
  • Custom designs for ovens with or without pyrolytic cleaning
  • Available in designs with AC or EC technology

Applications for stove jacket cooling

Stove jacket cooling is used everywhere you cook within the home – no matter whether this is an oven or a stove, thanks to the stove jacket cooling, the surfaces of the appliances stay nice and cool, and the appliance control systems don’t break a sweat.

Cool on the outside, crispy on the inside

It needed to be powerful yet quiet, and take up hardly any space: The stove jacket cooling system for the new oven line from V-ZUG. The engineers really warmed up to the solution.