Ranges, ovens and cooktops

Heat appliances are a key part of every kitchen: this is where power, function and convenience really count.

Hot and cold air for baking and cooking

ebm-papst fans and blowers are used in hot-air ovens in the private and commercial sectors. They are exceptionally powerful, functional and quiet. ebm-papst offers fans and blowers coordinated tuned especially for the stove in question to ensure utmost comfort. Quiet hot-air blowers ensure uniform temperatures in the oven and, therefore, an even result when it comes to your baking.

Alongside the circulation blowers, fans ensure that the stove jacket is cooled to keep the surfaces cold. They also ensure that steam is extracted from the inside of the oven in a controlled way.

Blowers from ebm-papst reliably cool the electronics in cooktops, ensuring that you can enjoy cooking in your kitchen for a long time to come.


The advantages of ebm-papst fans and blowers in ranges, ovens, and cooktops:

  • Pleasant noise level
  • Switchable direction of rotation for optimum temperature distribution
  • Speed adjustable via control electronics or sensors
  • High power density, increasing the efficiency of the entire appliance
hot air blowers

Hot-air blowers

The perfect solution for when the heat is on.

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DC compact axial fan 2200 FTD product image

Compact fans

Small but powerful.

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stove jacket cooling

Stove jacket cooling

Take the heat out of the kitchen.

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Tangential blowers

Flat, quiet, efficient.

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AC motors

They just keep on running…

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EC motors

Supreme driving force.

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circulation blowers

Circulation blowers

Air that reaches every corner

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Hot air for quick cooking

Hot air for quick cooking

The line between retail and gastronomy is becoming more blurred. Gas stations, supermarkets, and even clothing stores are offering their customers warm snacks. But there isn’t much space on the counter and hungry customers don’t have much time. Compact high-speed ovens solve the problem, with the help of EC blowers from ebm-papst.

Cool on the outside, crispy on the inside

Cool on the outside, crispy on the inside

It needed to be powerful yet quiet, and take up hardly any space: The stove jacket cooling system for the new oven line from V-ZUG. The engineers really warmed up to the solution.