AHUs in industrial buildings
Air conditioning and ventilation technology with impressive credentials.

Top performance in all circumstances

At ebm‑papst, we don’t just focus on the big picture. We are committed to high performance and the flawless functioning of every single component of our ventilation technology. With a super-efficient GreenTech EC motor, intelligent control electronics and optimized aerodynamics, our fans are perfected down to the last detail – so that you can count one hundred percent on the reliable performance of your air handling unit. We deliver accurate and reliable data by taking highly precise measurements from the very first to the very last development and production step – under real conditions.

That is how we ensure top quality throughout the entire value chain. We create a sustainable basis of trust so that our customers can always rely on and develop with us, without exception. Both today and in the future.

The advantages of fans from ebm‑papst in AHUs:

  • Perfectly coordinated complete system
  • Highly efficient GreenTech EC motor
  • Intelligent control electronics
  • Optimised aerodynamics
  • Genuine measured values from certified test laboratories enabling reliable planning

Many topics, one goal: achieving measurable success!

From our products to our measuring methods: ebm‑papst is dedicated to reliable and first-class performance down to the last detail. This is how we ensure that our products are of the highest quality, minimize failures and enable real planning reliability. With our optimized individual components, top performance no longer means increased energy consumption. Here too, we offer maximum efficiency so that operating costs remain low.


ebm‑papst always examines every possible influencing factor when developing new products. Read our brochure to find out how this results in a concept that delivers the right solution for any challenge.


To ensure that your air handling system delivers maximum performance, we optimize the functioning of each individual component. You can find out exactly what this looks like in our comprehensive brochure.


For the RadiPac, ebm‑papst offers intelligent software for detecting critical vibrations. Read about how this effectively prevents damage and failures and what other benefits it delivers.


The 3-phase active PFC from ebm‑papst eliminates disruptive harmonics and removes the need for any external measures. You can read about the other benefits in our informative brochure.


We test our fans under conditions that correspond to real installation situations. This is how we deliver reliable performance figures. Find out now how we can make your planning simpler and more reliable.


We ensure that the fan you choose for your air handling unit is guaranteed to have the assured product features. You can find out how we achieve this and what you gain from it in our comprehensive brochure.


The performance of our GreenTech EC fans can be seamlessly adjusted to actual requirements. Find out in our brochure how you can achieve maximum efficiency with low operating costs.

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Zwei Broschüren mit dem Titel „Auch mit den Baugrößen 630 und 710 das Optimum herausholen? Yes! AxiBlade – Your ebm-papst solution“

Our free brochure contains comprehensive answers to your questions on our ventilation technology solutions and lots more informative background knowledge.

The right solution for every installation situation

Fans today work very quietly and efficiently. The specific installation situation is an important influencing factor here. To ensure that fans also deliver the desired performance in your application, it is advisable to involve the fan manufacturer early on in the development of your own device.



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