Fan controllers

Fan controllers
from ebm‑papst

Speed control is often overlooked when specifying fans, and significant savings can be had by the use of the correct controller and fan combination. In addition to direct savings in energy by reducing the output of the fans to match demand, indirect savings from ancillary equipment can also be achieved by smoothing the response of the whole system. Integrating a controller can add extra functionality to products enhancing their capability and safety whilst lowering their carbon footprint.

Types of fan controllers

Analogue 0-10v

These controllers are compatible with ebm‑papst electronically commutated products with 0-10V or PWM control input and open collector tachometer output for fault monitoring.


Constant volume/constant pressure controllers provide the ability to maintain a constant set-point from a multiple EC fan array using MODBUS.

Mains switched

These multi-speed controllers are designed to allow ebm‑papst EC fans with a 0-10V control input to be used with a traditional AC switched live circuit.

Manual variable

These controllers are used with the full range of ebm‑papst EC fans with a 0-10V control input. Powered by the +10V DC output from the motor, they provide infinitely variable, manual speed control between 0 and 100%.


These temperature sensors/controllers offer fixed or configurable temperature response profiles to allow users to vary EC fan speed around a desired set point.

Manual switched

The RM-ECs controller can be used with the full range of ebm‑papst EC fans. Powered by the 10VDC output from the motor, it provides variable speed control with 5 speed settings. Each setting can be adjusted during commissioning between 0 % to 100% speed.

Refrigerant pressure

These two speed control devices are for use in refrigeration pressure control applications. Supplied with a pre-configured response profile, the setpoint can be adjusted with an on-board trimmer. The 0-10V DC output signal can be directly connected to ebm‑papst EC fans to provide closed loop control.

USB to RS485 adaptor

The ebm‑papst USB to RS-485 adaptor is used to connect ebm‑papst MODBUS enabled fans to a computer. Users can connect using EC-Control V3.0+ or EC-Clone V3.1+ software or other proprietary/freeware software.