Version 3.00 download

EC-Clone Version 3.00 download

EC-Clone is a PC software for transferring device configurations from one device to another and for storing those in files for later reuse. 


This touch friendly software facilitates the following activities:

  • Reading out the parameter memory of MODBUS and ebmBUS devices
  • Transferring read out data to another device
  • Saving read out data to file
  • Loading read out data from file
  • Changing the bus address of a target device
  • For MODBUS devices: change customer data registers
  • Read out multiple devices and save their data to individual files

Supports all of the following RS485 interface types - RS232, Ethernet, Bluetooth and USB.

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For installation, unpack the ZIP file into an empty folder and call the installer via cdmenu.exe. The password for the login can be found in chapter 3 of the supplied and installed PDF manual.