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Whether axial, radial or diagonal – they are in any case trend-setting! ebm‑papst offers a wide range of fans for every type, either in AC, DC or GreenTech EC versions, for all voltages and in all standard sizes. With already installed electronics, they also offer numerous additional functions and can be intelligently networked with the respective device logic.

Learn more about compact solutions in our online seminars "FanTalk", held on Thursdays at 8 am and 4:30 pm (CET), starting on June 02.
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Discover compact solutions to tackle difficult challenges
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If you want to stay on the ball, it’s crucial to keep in touch regularly about innovative product solutions. Therefore we would like to present our latest innovations relating to compact fans in a short, succinct presentation lasting about 20 minutes, to take place on Thursdays.


The five-part online seminar series will take place from June 2 to July 28. For each seminar, you can choose to attend at 8 a.m. or 4:30 p.m. We will also be happy to answer your questions directly in a live chat.

Our compact fans are suitable for countless applications, so you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your needs.


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The online seminar series at a glance

  • powerful
  • redundancy ensures operational reliability
  • noise-optimised
  • compact
  • 19" rack dimensions

What advantages does a compact fan with counterrotating impeller offer you? Find out what makes the AxiTwin so innovative and unique.

  • powerful
  • aerodynamically optimised
  • circumferential wall ring
  • high performance electronics
  • robust and durable
  • smart features

Discover an axial compact fan that achieves up to 9 % greater air performance compared to other fans of its size while producing 5 dB(A) less noise, thanks to its innovative, aerodynamic design.

  • extremely quiet (low structure-borne noise excitation)
  • very low energy consumption,
  • robust and durable
  • compact and lightweight,
  • wide voltage range

Find out what makes the AxiACi so durable and how he saves money in refrigeration applications.

  • extremely quiet operation
  • very low energy consumption
  • wind load
  • wide speed range (up to 500 min-1)
  • plug & play

Find out why the AxiRev, with its innovative aerodynamic design and new low-noise motor technology, is setting the standard for residential ventilation.

Get exciting insights into how our compact fans offer maximum operational reliability while easily withstand continuous temperature changes, sunshine, and other weather conditions.

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On more than 13 pages you will find everything you need to know about our compact fans and exciting excursions to the application areas.

Zwei Broschüren mit dem Titel „Auch mit den Baugrößen 630 und 710 das Optimum herausholen? Yes! AxiBlade – Your ebm-papst solution“


Short facts: Unbeatable compact but powerful and still low noise. Easy to connect due to standard speed control input and output  signals. Integrated fan electronics. High speed up to  38.000rpm offer pure performance

Where to use: Electronic cooling, vacuum lifters, breathing masks, alternating pressure mattresses, mobile extraction systems and filtration

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DiaForce product image


Short facts: Power without compromise. Extremely powerful, innovative single stage design. Up to 500W –extremely high power density, patented aerodynamic design set a new level of noise reduction which beats counter rotating solutions by far

Where to use: Electronic cooling, vacuum lifters, breathing masks, alternating pressure mattresses, mobile extraction systems and filtration

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Short facts: Pure all-rounder. Compact but powerful, efficient and noise optimised. New 3-phase motor concept. Intelligent fan control via PWM, analogue speed control and various output signals

Where to use: ICT, frequency inverter, charging infrastructure for e-mobility, display cooling, energy storage, industrial devices (e.g. robotics), networking equipment

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Short facts: Quiet-running: Exemplary noise level of just 49 dB(A). Very dynamic and top performance: Up to 100 rev/ms with static pressure increase of over 5,000 Pa. Intelligent design: Highly compact outer dimensions

Where to use: Fans used in the medical sector – for example in sleep apnea breathing devices

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DC compact fan S-Panther 6300 N product image


Short facts: For example, the 6300 NTD (S-Panther) boasts significantly greater performance at a number of operating points and is much quieter than its predecessor, the 6300 (S-Force), thanks to a new impeller with state-of-the-art winglets and turbulator, as well as a new strut design

Where to use: Applications in IT, server or network technology, medical technology, welding machines, applications in frequency converters, inverters for solar power or power supply units

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