Clever tuning
for future-proof heat supply.

Make use of optimal synergies
in your heat pumps

Sure, air/water heat pumps are environmentally friendly. But do they deliver even more? Yes, because our perfectly matched, intelligently controlled design-in solutions allow premium units to achieve maximum efficiency. That's especially good for your customers – and so their neighbors are happy, too, we make sure our products run quietly. 

Need even more tuning? No problem, because our fans enable you to easily meet the strict requirements and targets of the F-Gas Regulation right now. Ready to make use of synergies?

Score a hit with these advantages


Energy saving depends on every single component. That's why we're never satisfied with what we've achieved so far. We're continually developing and enhancing our products in every detail – including the geometry of our fan blades for example, and constantly checking how all the components interact. Our state-of-the-art EC motors provide custom speed adjustment and high flexibility. All of that increases the overall efficiency of your heat pumps.


You want your customers to feel the heat pump working, but preferably not hear it of course. That's why we optimise the aerodynamics of our fans, and ensure efficient interaction between the impeller, motor and electronics. Until our products are running as quietly as possible. The little noise that is still heard is psycho-acoustically balanced so as to be perceived as pleasantly as possible.


The F-Gas-Regulation, the legal framework for gradually converting to natural refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP), has been in force since 2015. It has resulted in less availability and increasing costs for existing commonly used refrigerants. This poses huge challenges, in response to which ebm‑papst's wide-ranging portfolio provides appropriate commercial solutions for all motor and impeller combinations.


Our extensive portfolio not only offers a vast range of different fans and controls, but also the full spectrum of perfectly matched sizes and performance classes. Just tell us the operating point and the dimensions of your application, and you'll find the perfect design-in solution for your requirements.


We operate uncompromising quality management, use robust materials, and also ensure the durability of our electronic components. That's why our solutions work reliably and efficiently for many years. And if something does need replacing, our products can be quickly and easily using retrofitted.


GreenIntelligence stands for digital and sustainable solutions that make you and your customers happy. All our products are made to save energy and conserve resources. Intelligent control and connectivity mean the applications run optimally, delivering enhanced performance and efficiency.

The optimal solution every time

Indoor installation

Indoor installation

When a unit draws in the outside air through one duct and blows it out through a different one, pressure is lost. Centrifugal fans are best suited for such circumstances, as they enable large pressure increases by design. They are also extremely compact, taking up very little space.

Outdoor installation

Outdoor installation

When installed outdoors, noise emission needs to be kept as low as possible, especially at night. Axial fans capable of running at low speed are then the products of choice. The increasingly popular monoblock units also require solutions that are compatible with flammable refrigerants.

Hybrid system

Hybrid system

Through the combination- of gas condensing unit and heat pump, our components help to ensure optimal use of gas and electricity, as well as cutting CO₂. For high levels of convenience with no additional hot water tank.

Premium quality deserves premium features


Great efficiency thanks to EC technology and an integrated diffuser

Enhanced air performance with simultaneous noise reduction

Perfectly coordinated individual components enable easy plug & play

Perfectly coordinated individual components enable easy plug & play

Experience more in our digital application! 

Future-proof and sustainable

Taking responsibility for people and the environment is an integral part of our corporate philosophy. That is why we develop durable products designed for maximum environmental compatibility and produce them using processes that conserve resources.

They go hand in hand with intelligent control and networking, which make applications more powerful and efficient. This is our "GreenIntelligence" idea.

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