An innovative hybrid structure for ventilation blades that is currently one-of-a-kind.

HyBlade® axial fans

ebm‑papst is adding new strengths to large axial fans with HyBlade®, an innovative hybrid structure for fan blades that is currently one-of-a-kind! The combination of an aluminum core and a glass-fibre-reinforced plastic covering sets an entirely new benchmark in terms of aerodynamic criteria. In particular, the aerodynamically optimised shape yields enormous advantages in terms of noise, whilst achieving even better efficiency than conventional blades.

But our development engineers also had optimised efficiency, enhanced corrosion protection, a lower weight, and ecological manufacturing with a favorable energy balance on their agenda. That’s why we are not satisfied with just making a few minor evolutionary modifications to what we already have. The next stage in development involves taking a huge leap forward. With a very impressive result:

All the advantages at a glance

HyBlade fan with huge motor in image center, applied with five black blades, frontalview
  • Highly efficient motor technology and electronics
  • Very high system efficiency

HyBlade fan with huge motor in image center, applied with five black blades, frontalview
  • Numerous actuation options
  • "Plug & play" thanks to integrated electronics

HyBlade fan with huge motor in image center, applied with five black blades, frontalview
HyBlade means drastically raising the standard in many different fields and setting a new milestone in fan technology.
  • Enormous weight reduction
  • High-efficiency blade profile
  • Revolutionary noise reduction
  • Significant improvement in efficiency
  • Considerably more ecological manufacturing
  • Available with AC and GreenTech EC technology

“HyTech” from 300 mm:
the extended HyBlade® product range

The HyBlade® product range offers any number of combination options. Fans with AC or GreenTech EC motor versions are available for the main areas of application, i.e. ventilation and air conditioning technology. The axial fans are ideally suited for use in air-water heat pumps when installed outdoors.

HyBlade series

Supplemented by the small 300, 350, 400 and 450 series, which are primarily used in evaporators, it is guaranteed that the product series will be optimally adapted to suit your individual requirements.

Perfect partners: HyBlade® and GreenTech EC technology

The revolutionary features of the hybrid structure are accompanied by intelligent control characteristics, maintenance-free design, a long service life and the outstanding energy efficiency of EC drive technology. As a result, HyBlade® axial fans with GreenTech EC technology can offer overall economy that is second to none.

HyBlade® – setting new standards in fan technology:

Stability and intelligence to the power of two: HyBlade® meets GreenTech EC technology.

HyBlade® gets the best out of two completely different materials to achieve maximum efficiency. This intelligent combination yields new benefits and enhances existing ones. Particularly when paired with GreenTech EC motors, HyBlade® axial fans offer truly outstanding efficiency. Throughout the world, the new technology has already proven just how versatile it is.



One and one makes one.

Intensive research into an improved blade geometry for large axial fans resulted in a revolutionary new hybrid concept. In engineering, the term "Hybrid" always refers to a whole made up of different elements. The special aspect is that each of the starting elements is in itself a functioning solution. But it is only when these come together that the original advantages give rise to completely new positive characteristics.

This is what makes HyBlade® a winner

The stability of a high-strength aluminum alloy on the inside, combined with the light weight and unrestricted workability of plastic on the outside – that is the ingenious structure of HyBlade® technology. The corrosion-resistant aluminum structure in the core of the HyBlade® forms a durable bond with the rotor, whilst the glass-fibre reinforced plastic jacket gives the blade an aerodynamically optimised shape.

This lightweight jacket firstly has a substantial effect on the overall weight of the fan, and its good attenuation properties already contribute towards noise reduction. But the most important thing is: Whereas metal parts can only be adapted by stamping, bending or embossing, plastics can be easily formed into three-dimensional profiles. That means there are no limits to optimisation of the blade design, right down to the smallest detail. Even winglets at the blade tips as used in motor racing and aviation are now no longer a problem. They have an aerodynamic effect and minimise the turbulence between blade and housing, allowing the fan to operate even more quietly and efficiently.


Top class energy balance: HyBlade® in everyday use

In all fields, axial fans with HyBlade technology exhibit exemplary, future-proof features: for example they have a responsible environmental approach, have low noise levels and require less work. The positive primary and secondary energy balance is a factor that is particularly gaining in importance from day to day.


Strong and silent

In its broadest sense, environmental protection always includes noise protection. For large axial fans in particular, often operating outdoors in heat exchangers, it is essential to keep the noise level as low as possible. This is where the optimum adaptability of the HyBlade geometry comes to the fore. The tremendous flexibility of the glass-fibre reinforced plastic means that it is no problem to adapt the impeller to suit specific working requirements. These new aerodynamic characteristics minimise the noise level and make HyBlade fans the quietest in their class.

Light weight makes light work

What is lighter than a HyBlade axial fan? That's right: the work involved in installing a HyBlade axial fan. In fact, replacing conventional fans with new fans featuring HyBlade technology couldn’t be easier. The sizes, mounting flanges and connections of the fans are the same as for previous models. Therefore, they are entirely compatible from a technical point of view, meaning that replacing them is no problem. The lower weight of the fully assembled devices also helps, as it makes the new units far easier to handle on installation.


Elementary high performance: Putting HyBlade® to the test

Whether it is exposed to sustained heat and UV radiation, or intense cold or rapid temperature fluctuations of more than 120°C: HyBlade® technology can be relied upon to prove its fantastic talents in any situation. To start with, this means the new blades having to survive a world tour under extreme conditions.

Hyblade Fussabdruck

Tested and found to be excellent

In addition to long-term endurance tests and high speeds up to well in excess of three times the maximum operating points, the new hybrid blades are also exposed to water, salt spray and chemicals – and pass all the tests thanks to their outstanding corrosion resistance. And even severe vibration and shocks cannot shake the material structure. All this enables HyBlade axial fans to live up to the exceptional quality standards you expect from us, even in the most demanding of applications.

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