What’s next?
Developing next-generation heat pumps together!
What’s next?
Developing next-generation heat pumps together!
What’s next?
Developing next-generation heat pumps together!

Tailored solutions
for a sustainable future.

We make intelligent solutions for a better climate – for people and our environment. We are your development partner for individual design-in components and systems. We support you in producing heat pumps that are innovative, efficient and quiet. Your expertise in the production of high-quality heat pumps combined with our individual, tailor-made system solutions offers the opportunity to make a real change: together, we reduce CO₂ emissions, making a valuable contribution to a sustainable future.

What’s next? – Let's work together to
unlock the optimization potential of your heat pump.

ebm‑papst: the right answer to every challenge:


Your customers should be able to feel that a heat pump is working, but should not be able to hear it. That is why our fans are designed with aerodynamic optimization. What's more, the perfect interplay between the impeller, motor and electronics makes our products extremely quiet. We use psychoacoustics to adjust the few noises that remain to make them seem as pleasant as possible.


Energy savings depend on each individual component. That's why we are continuously developing our products. We keep an eye on the interaction of all components in order to achieve optimum efficiency. Our state-of-the-art EC motors provide custom speed adjustment and high flexibility. All of that increases the overall efficiency of your heat pumps.


The F-Gas Regulation and, with it, the legal requirements for the gradual changeover to natural refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP) have been in force since 2015. This has resulted in less availability and increasing costs for the existing refrigerants that have been used to date. Our large portfolio of fan solutions meets the standards for flammable refrigerants so that you are on the safe side when using them in your application.


Our comprehensive portfolio not only offers a broad range of different fans and control systems but also the entire range of tailored sizes and power sizes. Just tell us the operating point and the dimensions of your application, and you will find the perfect design-in solution for your requirements.


We operate uncompromising quality management, rely on robust materials and pay attention to durability when it comes to electronics. That's why our solutions work reliably and efficiently for many years. If something does need replacing, our products can be quickly and easily retrofitted.

Our products for your heat pump:
Powerful, efficient, quiet.

Inverter electronics: High efficiency with no noise at all

Inverter electronics: High efficiency with no noise at all

● Quiet and efficient thanks to in-house commutation process

● Available in three power classes: 3.5 kW, 7.5 kW and 12 kW

● Single or three-phase operation possible

● Good EMC properties thanks to active PFC level

AxiEco plug-in: Maximum power, minimal noise

AxiEco plug-in: Maximum power, minimal noise

● Optimized for use in heat pumps

● Noise characteristics remain almost constant across the wide operating range of the characteristic curve

● Robust against environmental influences

● Compact design

AxiTone: Strong when it comes to silence

AxiTone: Strong when it comes to silence

● Low noise at optimum efficiency

● Increased efficiency compared to other three-blade solutions

● Designed for low back pressures

● Optimized use of materials

Design-in components, solutions, combined expertise:
Learn all about our products for the heat pumps of tomorrow.


»The warmest calm«

Air/water heat pumps are becoming an important pillar of more sustainable heat generation. This is where fans that work intelligently, quietly and economically at optimum efficiency come into play, as well as inverter electronics for the compressor drive that reduce operating noise through optimum commutation and also increase the energy efficiency of the heat pump.

»Soundcheck for heatpumps: Psychoacoustics for minimum noise generation«

Air/water heatpumps with heat outputs from 3 to 30 kW enjoy a high level of acceptance in heating technology. However, they do not work completely silently and the more dense the buildings are, the more the neighbors can get disturbed by noise pollution. It is by no means just the measurable sound pressure level that is crucial, but human noise perception, which is where psychoacoustics and its examination methods come into play.

»Reduce pressure losses, increase efficiency«

Everyone is looking for the perfect fan for their refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Simulation provides help with this: the behavior of a fan in the specific application can be precisely calculated and visualized with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics, i.e. numerical fluid mechanics).

»The right solution for every installation situation«

Fans are complex flow machines, which sometimes respond to aerodynamic changes in their surroundings. The installation situation plays an important role here. This means that, when installed in the application, the fan is often not as quiet as hoped for, or less efficient than promised in the data sheet. Last but not least, we recommend having the fan manufacturer on board at an early stage of in-house unit development. This means there will certainly be no unpleasant surprises later.