Bottle coolers/drinks machines

Drinks machines keep beverages cool to quench thrist requiring reliable & efficient fans.

Guaranteed to keep you refreshed

Fans in drinks machines run 24 hours a day. That’s why they require energy-efficient products that are highly reliable. Ultra-quiet fans that produce low amounts of waste heat guarantee a pleasant indoor climate.

bottle cooler

The advantages of fans from ebm‑papst in drinks machines:

  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Compact design
  • Energy savings thanks to a high level of efficiency
  • Long service life, even under continuous load
  • Intelligent networking enables independent data transmission, monitoring, control, remote maintenance and geographical location of the devices, even when the machines are decentralised
  • Uniform size enables fans to be replaced with little effort

The best products for bottle coolers/drinks machines

NiQ product image

NiQ motors

NiQ: Our latest generation of energy-saving motors.

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iQ/iQ² motors

Energy-saving motors allowing like-for-like replacement: iQ and iQ². 

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Energy-saving fans

Energy-saving fans based on the energy-saving motor (ESM) for devices with long operating times like air conditioning systems.

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Energy-efficient fans for refrigerated display cases in supermarkets

Natural refrigerants for use in supermarket refrigerated display cases may be eco-friendly, but they are also highly flammable if they malfunction. EC fans set new safety and efficiency standards when used here.