Transform your AGV
into a superhero!

Equip your transport vehicle
with omnidirectional mobility.

Want to develop a fully automated transport vehicle that avoids obstacles with ease, masters inclines effortlessly, and transports even heavy goods to their destination quickly, flexibly, and safely? Our revolutionary drive technology makes limited maneuverability and oversized systems a thing of the past.

ArgoDrive is strong, clever, but above all extremely agile. The combination of its strengths makes it the best choice for all Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) aiming to perfectly master the most demanding challenges in intralogistics. After all, the performance of a vehicle depends largely on the drive and wheels.

The key strengths of the ArgoDrive drive system. 

Together we will find the right solution to make your transport vehicle even better with ArgoDrive. Arrange a personal consultation!

  • Free navigation over the entire area – even from a standing position
  • Complete unit consisting of motor, transmission, steering, high-resolution sensors, and all necessary connections
  • Handles 10% gradient and loads of up to 2,000 kg 

  • Intelligent networking via BUS systems
  • Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance for maximum reliability

  • High level of safety due to sophisticated braking unit
  • Very efficient at just 24 V while requiring minimum installation space
  • Significantly longer service life

Unlimited possibilities for your product development. 

No matter which logistics requirements you want your AGV to handle, ArgoDrive will make sure the job gets done. With the Light, Standard, and Heavy variants as well as the option of combining several driving/steering systems, the possibilities are endless. 

ArgoDrive EN

You can find more information and all technical details in our
ArgoDrive information package.


Experience the ArgoDrive in cinematic action:

Maximum precision and safety in all directions. 

Get the future rolling!

Interested in ArgoDrive or have a question about our revolutionary drive system? We would be pleased to find the right solution for making your transport vehicle even better with the ArgoDrive. We look forward to hearing from you.