Super-efficient, incredibly quiet, a whole host of possibilities?
Yes! Your ebm-papst solution: AxiBlade

One fan system for all applications?

The revolutionary new fan concept achieves top marks for its efficiency and noise levels. With the AxiBlade, the world market leader has set the new benchmark. Experience the revolution in air conditioning and refrigeration technology.

All the advantages at a glance

The optimum for every operating point

  • Wide range of applications in ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology
  • Four standard sizes from 630 to 910, enabling like-for-like replacement

  • With clever individual solutions
  • In a uniquely broad performance spectrum

  • Significant increase in output and noise reduction
  • Unprecedented, uncompromising planning flexibility
  • Optimum efficiency at every operating point

Individually combinable:

the AxiBlade fan components

Guard grill

  • Motor cover as splash water protection
  • Contact protection according to DIN EN ISO 13857
  • Innovative design for minimum pressure losses


  • Infinitely variable control via 0-10 V or MODBUS RTU
  • Suitable for worldwide use
  • Simple plug & play connection

Guide vanes

  • Aerodynamically perfected
  • Minimizes turbulence and noise
  • Maximizes the efficiency of the fan

GreenTech EC motor

  • High efficiency and power density
  • Extremely robust and durable
  • Unrivaled compactness


  • High efficiency
  • Aerodynamically optimized shape
  • Innovative materials

Fan housing

  • Optimized aerodynamics
  • Easy installation thanks to standard dimensions
  • Robust design for the highest demands


  • Reduced noise level and blade passing noise
  • No negative impact on efficiency
  • Made of robust composite material

All the information about AxiBlade pressure

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4 standard sizes: Super-efficient, incredibly quiet, a whole host of possibilities?


  • Air flow up to 25,000 m³/h
  • Max. back pressure of up to 450 Pa
  • Static efficiency of up to 53%
  • Noise reduction by up to 4 dB(A)
  • Complete fan system consisting of motor, impeller, guard grill and fan housing

  • Air flow up to 40,000 m³/h
  • Max. back pressure of up to 350 Pa
  • Static efficiency of up to 60%
  • Noise reduction by up to 8 dB(A)
  • Complete fan system consisting of motor, impeller, guard grille and fan housing With optional guide vanes

AxiBlade applications

Condenser unit

Adiabatic cooling


Heat pump

Commercial evaporator

Cooling tower

Patrick Stern
Head of Market Management for Refrigeration Technology

Greater power density means greater flexibility. Customers can now choose: Whether they want a quieter, more efficient unit or whether they need more power. This is how AxiBlade improves the technical aspects of the customer's end devices, so they can stand out from the competition.

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“Cool on the outside, crispy on the inside”


Cooling towers for data centers, hospitals and industrial facilities have increased efficiency requirements. If EC motors are used instead of AC technology, energy consumption and operating costs can be significantly reduced.