Handling goods across the entire process chain is becoming an ever more complex and dynamic task.

Decentralized drive systems

The increasing intricacy of workflow processes makes goods handling an ever more complex business. At the same time, efficiently implementing intralogistics processes offers great potential for savings. Decentralized drive solutions reduce costs for conveyors, transportation and palletizing systems.

The advantages of decentralized drive systems from ebm-papst:

  • Compact, space-saving design
  • Efficient operation
  • Integrated electronics
  • Long service life
  • Great reliability

The best products for drive technology

Brushless internal rotor motors ECI

The ECI series of electronically commutated internal rotor motors boasts a high power density and dynamic characteristics.

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Brushless external rotor motors VD/VDC

Electronically commutated external rotor motors with a long service life and excellent control characteristics.

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Brushed internal rotor motors BCI

The BCI series of mechanically commutated DC motors offers 3 different sizes and many voltage variants.

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Planetary gears

Comprehensive portfolio with three product ranges.

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Crown gearheads

The drive technology features of our intelligent and innovative crown gearheads offer a whole range of added benefits.

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Spur gears

Our spur gears impress with their space-saving design and extremely smooth operation.

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Integrated and external control electronics

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For controlling and positioning your drive solution.


For controlling and positioning your drive solution.

Industrial drive technology

Whatever the combination – you win!

Individualized drive solution in 48 hours – orders of at least 1 unit