ECM: The EC Manager control device for future-proof energy savings

The EC series is considered to be the most complete and innovative technological control system for the functional optimization of EC fans (with single- and three-phase motors). With this control device, the ventilation system can be adapted to specific requirements for energy saving and enhance the potential of the EC fans.

Sustainability and optimized energy consumption: Assured by SELPRO's know-how and partnership with the LUVE Group and ebm-papst

The cooperation between SELPRO, LUVE Group and ebm-papst has led to the development of the ECM (EC Manager) control system, which combines all specific characteristics for controlling wet and dry systems on HVAC/R installations in a single plug & play device.

The combination of SELPRO's know-how, the MODBUS RTU from ebm-papst and the experience of the LUVE Group enabled a new technical standard that makes controlling ventilated heat exchangers easier and more efficient so as to further enhance the energy-saving potential of ebm-papst EC technology.

With ECM, the various operating parameters (input registers and operating registers) of the fans and the control system are always available via RS 485 (MODBUS-RTU) serial data transfer.

Approved Controller

ECM is available with IP55 protection, or for DIN rail applications. It can be operated as an standalone unit, or can be connected via a “bridge function” to an external control device or a monitoring system from which it receives the operating commands and to which it transmits all information. It is also able to monitor, receive and save all operating parameters as well as the warning and system alarms (Black Box functionality) that can be analyzed in the event of a technical system error. It can also use the operating parameters to stabilize and optimize the fan control (PID control with auto-tuning function).

The IES software has been integrated into the EC Manager's plug & play structure to provide intelligent energy saving. It incorporates all the technical controls for ventilated heat exchangers (capacitors and recoolers), and also makes it possible for an untrained operator to ready the system for operation quickly and easily.

The EC Manager automatically sets all operating parameters, and is preprogrammed for control of fans and adiabatic boosters. The SELPRO Clima-Sinergy software (with know-how protection function) enables one of the 14 function codes can be selected and applied.

The EC manager, which has been approved by ebm-papst and has been successfully deployed on HVAC/R systems by the LUVE Group since 2010, is considered the most complete and innovative technological solution for optimizing the overall control of EC motors in axial and centrifugal fans. Combined with the advantages of EC fans from ebm-papst, this controller enables higher system efficiency and a significant reduction in energy consumption.

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