Energy-efficient fans
for ventilation technology 

ebm-papst in ventilation technology

Our air conditioning fans have a wide range of applications in ventilation technology. We manufacture the actual core of a system: the fan unit. Therefore, we have to make continual progress.

We have always set new standards, especially when it comes to increasing product service life, reducing energy consumption and utilizing all options, thanks to modern, integrated electronics.


Fans in ventilation technology
for industry and commerce

The aim is always to make air move in the most efficient way possible, whether in confined spaces or on a large scale. That’s why ebm-papst centrifugal and axial fans have been successfully implemented in bathroom ventilation systems, air handling units (AHUs), facade ventilation and in roof fans for a long time.

Fans from ebm-papst are almost silent as they convey the amount of air required in homes, buildings and offices. You can either intelligently regulate individual rooms or create a bus network for all systems, such as in high-rise buildings.

Our fans have a long service life, are highly efficient and, as a result, use energy very effectively. Therefore, our fans consistently create the sort of pleasant climate that is required in the workplace and at home.


Specific rooms can be efficiently ventilated using warm exhaust air.


Reliable extraction of damp air from bathrooms and toilets


Air purifiers remove pollutants from indoor air.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps absorb energy from their surroundings and then feed it into the heating or service water system.


Entire buildings can be efficiently ventilated using warm exhaust air.


Ventilation technology fans
for agriculture

In agricultural facilities, good air plays a major role in plant and animal welfare. That’s not the only reason why there are rigorous legal stipulations that require innovative, flexible solutions. It’s also not the only reason why the air in greenhouses is constantly circulated to ensure ideal plant growth. In harvest storerooms, perfect climatic conditions are only just good enough for fresh food. And it’s thanks to good air and a suitable temperature that animals remain healthy. With our EC fans, all this can be implemented easily and efficiently.


Fans create just the right climatic conditions in harvest storerooms and therefore help to keep foodstuffs fresh for end customers.


Fans are responsible for circulating air in greenhouses, helping to supply the plants with the oxygen they need.


To maintain the health of the animals, it is very important to perfectly ventilate the barn and compensate for temperature variations. 

Efficient cooling for demanding electromobility.

When electricity is processed, stored and used, heat is generated that has to be dissipated. ebm‑papst’s range of fans offers compact solutions for this with complete power density – and in a way that ensures powerful protection against environmental influences together with unbeatable quietness.