DEOS: COSMOS OPEN controllers

Direct serial data bus communication between DEOS and ebm-papst fans.

Approved Controller
Approved Controller

Up to 128 ebm-papst fans can be connected directly to the COSMOS OPEN controllers via the RS485 interface. This saves on inputs and outputs, as well as wiring, and additional information is displayed directly on the building control system.

DEOS has been operating successfully in building automation for over 44 years. As a technology company and manufacturer, DEOS AG relies on German manufacturing quality to meet the high standards of its customers.

The product portfolio includes DDC hardware and software, a powerful GLT - BACnet OWS - as well as sensors, drives and other field devices. This covers the entire spectrum of instrumentation and control engineering.

The instrumentation and control systems encompass heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sun-shading and light control in order to achieve the best possible energy-savings results.

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