Burner control units

Intelligent and customizable

ebm-papst burner control units, which consist of  tried and tested hardware and software, enable reliable operation and short development cycles. The flexible software architecture allows simple integration of the interface. In addition, as with our blowers,  we value having the lowest possible energy consumption.

The BCU 100 boiler controls are specially designed for use in wall-hang boiler: compact design and high integration of all electrotechnical functions of a modern wall-mounted condensing boiler.

The BCU 900 boiler controls are used in particular for commercial building technology: high functional scope with flexible setting options for  the configuration of many heating systems.


All your advantageous at a glance:

  • Comprehensive electronic functions of a gas condensing boiler
  • Solid-state design for high reliability, long service life and low space requirement
  • Integrated user interface
  • Space-saving and robust electrical connection with plated contacts
  • Standard interfaces for room devices
  • RS 485 interface for user-defined control elements e.g. building management systems
  • Prepared for plug-in modules to realize various communication options
  • Predictive maintenance via advance warning messages
  • Remote access for improved diagnostics

The formula for the air/fuel ratio

The air/fuel ratio λ is the key to efficient combustion in gas condensing units. But when gas quality fluctuates, the widely used pneumatic mixture control shows its limits. The solution: an electronic gas/air ratio control.