Configure and control ebm-papst fans with EVCO

EVCO has been offering standard and custom solutions for cooling, food equipment and ventilation systems for over 25 years. EVCO is a byword for competence, reliability and innovation.

Approved Controller

With the C Pro 3 series, we offer a complete range of innovative programmable controllers, add-on modules and user interfaces that are ideal for the HVAC/R sector. They come in small DIN format, are equipped with a high number of inputs/outputs and are supported by numerous protocols for BMS connectivity. Thanks to the UNI-PRO 3 integrated development environment, which combines graphical objects with the C programming language, intuitive user software design is made possible based on flexible, modular and expandable applications.

The UNIPRO 3 library offers a ready-to-use solution that makes it possible to configure and control ebm-papst fans across shorter development lead times and within a simplified process.

Using a special setup tool with remote display, it is even possible to operate several fans at the same time, making it easier to configure them.

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