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Ventilation and drive technology
"Made in Germany"

You will find our products wherever a particularly efficient and intelligent solution for moving air is required or wherever super-small drives work reliably and precisely. Whether in the industrial or private sphere, everyone comes into contact with a variety of ebm-papst products every day – usually without even noticing them. Did you know that one single home could be hiding up to 20 ebm-papst products?

Leading technologies, pioneering application solutions, innovative products

None of this would be possible without looking at the bigger picture of how aerodynamic elements work together, meaning the perfect interaction between motor technology, electronics and aerodynamics. Our products directly combine our three core areas of expertise. We always aim to use air and movement as efficiently as possible, whether that’s in the smallest possible space, in large areas or in extreme ambient conditions. This is the only way for our customers to produce high-quality end products with the same consistency, such as air conditioners that are hardly noticeable, precise systems for cooling electronics or high-performance, energy-saving heating systems.

We design our fan blades, fan impellers and air duct housings with the specific application in mind so that our fans have an optimal aerodynamic shape. The seemingly small details, like adding winglets to blade tips, significantly improve the product, such as reducing the noise with even better efficiency levels. In combination with intelligent electronics, drive technology and aerodynamics are perfectly matched to create a system solution. This ensures perfect harmony, which is our leading edge on the global market.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

If you want to make a change in the world, you have to change the world. 

As a global manufacturer of high-end industrial products, we feel particularly responsible for the world we live in – i.e. our environment.

In our corporate policy, cost-effectiveness and environmental protection are inseparable concepts.

The European industrial sector switching to GreenTech EC fans in their ventilation, cooling and air-conditioning systems could save around 30 % in energy costs and four coal power stations could be shut down.

Furthermore, CO2 emissions would be around 16 million metric tons lower every year.

Top economic performance

Top economic performance

Why controllers care about this symbol as well as engineers...

... maximum cost-effectiveness. Cost efficiency is the goal and energy efficiency is one of the most direct paths to achieving it, whether that’s in ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning, the automotive sector, or in heating and home appliances.

As the centerpiece of our fans, electric drives have the most energy-saving potential. That’s why it’s not just engineers that care about ebm-papst’s GreenTech EC technology symbol: controllers look out for it as well. We have played a large role in developing EC and driving it forward. It provides an average energy saving of 30 percent and offers top economic performance. 

ebm‑papst India

ebm‑papst India headquartered in Chennai,  having its presence in the country for over 25 years, with two world-class production facilities in Chennai and regional sales offices, warehouses  in major metro cities. As a fully owned subsidiary of ebm‑papst group with around 300 employees, we deliver customized, sustainable, intelligent solutions  that optimally support our customers across businesses to achieve our aspiration of “Engineering A Better Life”

The ebm‑papst
Group Executive Board

The ebm‑papst Group headquarters are in Mulfingen. Mulfingen is also the Group’s largest site with the Niederstetten and Hollenbach branches. The Group’s managing directors are also the managing directors of ebm‑papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co. KG.

Facts & figures

The latest figures (business year 2020/2021) show you how we have performed and how our company has developed.

€ 2.129 billion

Turnover (consolidated)

€ 114.7 million

Expenditure for R&D

€ 108.0 million

Net investments

79 %

Non-domestic share




Production sites

51 (58)

Sales offices (subsidiaries)


Production Sites


Sales Offices



The ebm-papst spirit of invention:
We are constantly researching new ways to improve our products

We develop solutions precisely tailored to our customers’ needs. After all, we are not only a supplier of high-end technological products, but also a proficient development partner for every conceivable application – or even for those that have not been thought of. This is thanks to the expertise and passion of over 650 ebm-papst engineers and technicians worldwide.

ebm-papst engineering services are available all over the world, but our engineering skill originates in Germany. Our three central company locations, and their different specialisms, collaborate closely. This is key to our success.

Our Locations in India:

ebm‑papst India Private Limited

Corporate office & Unit-1:

26, G.N.T.Road, Erukkencherry,
Chennai - 600 118, India
Tel:  +91-44-26720103
Fax: +91-44-25371149

Email Id : info@in.ebmpapst.com

ebm‑papst India Private Limited

Unit II :

Survey No. 725/1,
200 Feet Inner Ring Road,
Ponnianmanmedu, Madhavaram,
Chennai-600 110, India
Tel:  +91-44-25532400
Fax: +91-44-25532307

Email id : sales@in.ebmpapst.com

Our technological edge


We are not only pioneers in developing highly efficient EC technology. We were also quick to recognize the potential of digitalization. This means we are now able to supply solutions that combine maximum energy efficiency with the advantages of IoT and digital networking. 

Industry 4.0

ebm-papst makes Industry 4.0-capable products and networks production processes. When products, people, machines and software work together efficiently and productively, energy efficiency improves – which is a particularly important subject for ebm-papst.