Active drying with flexible blowers from ebm-papst

Making washing up fun!

Dishwashers have become part and parcel of modern kitchens. In addition to spotlessly clean dishes, they also need to ensure uniform drying that leaves no streaks or marks.

ebm-papst blowers are developed specifically for devices from different manufacturers. As a result, they provide an active drying process that is safe for the dishes and will not cause drops to form on the glasses, crockery or cutlery.

As a development partner and series supplier to all renowned household appliance manufacturers, ebm-papst is setting the technological trends of the future.


The advantages of ebm-papst blowers in dishwashers:

  • Easy to integrate into each functional unit
  • Suitable motor concepts for operating the blower and pump at variable speeds
  • Compact and versatile design of the EC motor module
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Compact fans

Small but powerful.

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drying fans

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process air blowers

Process air blowers

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Tangential blowers

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EC motors

Supreme driving force.

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Letting off steam

The new range of commercial dishwashers from Meiko relies on energy-efficient and user-friendly solutions – with the help of ebm-papst.