JSI Store Fixtures, based in Milo, Maine, is a leading provider of high-quality refrigerated cabinets for supermarkets, using energy-saving motor (ESM) fans from ebm‑papst to ensure freshness and reliability.

"Once the fans from ebm‑papst are installed, neither JSI nor the customers notice them. And that," says Travis Smith, Director of Refrigeration at JSI Store Fixtures, "is actually the best compliment that I can give the products in terms of their reliability and robustness."

However, the partnership exists for reasons beyond product quality. By manufacturing ESM fans in the USA, the supply chain is brought closer to customers, providing increased flexibility and customization for products. This localized approach allows for quick and reliable access to fans, offering peace of mind regarding the production process and product quality.

The collaboration between JSI and ebm‑papst underscores the advantages of a localized supply chain, offering customers like JSI quick access to high-quality products. Check out our latest article on The Magazine by ebm‑papst to learn about the benefits of our localized American supply chain.