iNR 77
From five to two: 
fully integrated and compact.

Individual solution
with the gas blower system iNR 77

Gas baths are becoming more and more compact - this also applies to the components used. A prime example of this is our customer-specific solution - the iNR 77 gas blower system. By integrating the electronic gas valve F01 into the housing, the system became significantly more compact. The blower housing, venturi nozzle and valve used to date have been turned into blower housings with valves and gaskets as well as venturi inserts with side covers. Compared to the NRV 77, the new system requires only 80% of the volume - with the same functionality and performance. 

The iNR 77 is particularly well suited for use in compact gas heaters, but is only available on a project-specific basis.

All the advantages at a glance  

  • 20% more compact than its predecessor
  • Fully integrated unit consisting of blower, mixing device and gas valve
  • Efficient overall system

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