Who is always forward thinking
when it comes to mobility?
Who brings a breath of fresh air
to the mobility of the future?

ebm‑papst provides resolute progress
in aerodynamics, drive technology and electronics.

In dynamic development teams, our experienced engineers are always finding new ways to move gases and liquids in vehicles or to convert electrical signals into movement – quickly, flexibly and with maximum efficiency.

We supply the most economical and technically suitable solution for every complex requirement. With this, we are significantly contributing to making mobility even more efficient, convenient and environmentally friendly. 

Find out about our core competencies!

By combining our strengths, we can master your challenges holistically and work with you to pave the way for the mobility of tomorrow.

Our resolute pursuit for efficiency and progress is firmly anchored in our DNA and is part of every project from the very first idea to series maturity, from electronics and software development to simulation, prototyping and successful testing. 

We have a high level of automation and all the necessary processes, procedures and production technologies to bring your solutions to market as quickly as possible after a successful end-of-line inspection. 

For printing and injection molding, punching, bending, magnet technology, deep drawing, turning, grinding and bearing technology, we have reliable suppliers who are firmly integrated into our value chain and are strictly bound to our quality specifications. 

We have all the certifications that are important for the automotive industry. We implement the industry’s standards and specifications in their entirety. Our methodical quality assurance ensures efficient processes and a high degree of product safety. The active product development process (PDP) is supported by establishing the ASPICE requirements.

ebm‑papst is your problem solver in the global field. With our sales branches and production sites, we are available worldwide, whenever you need our expertise or our robust services.

As a long-standing partner to the automotive industry, we are able to quickly and very economically implement tailor-made applications based on sophisticated concepts. 

The basis for your success:
four strong product families.

Our product families lay the foundations for your solutions’ high efficiency levels. With them, we can ensure that synergies are thoroughly exploited. All four product families can be optimally adapted to individual customer requests. This minimizes the development time of every tailored innovation and, at the same time, reduces your costs. 

Tailored solutions for your requirements.

We work with our customers to develop trend-setting solutions tailored to their requirements and optimally adapted to the actual operating conditions. In this way, we solve the major challenges facing the automotive industry with our small details. Find out where our aerodynamics and drive engineering solutions are creating progress in cars and commercial vehicles.

Ensure that your cars and commercial vehicles are strong on the inside!


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