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ebm‑papst at the 2023 Busworld

AxiEco fans for vehicle technology

The Busworld trade fair will be held again for the first time in four years between October 7 and 12, 2023, after it was canceled in autumn 2021 due to the pandemic. ebm‑papst will once again be taking part at the industry meeting for buses in Brussels at Booth 521 in Hall 5 and will be presenting new products for bus air conditioning and battery cooling, particularly for battery electric vehicles.

Components installed in vehicle technology, such as fans, are exposed to harsh ambient conditions. They have to withstand road dirt, small particles and chemically aggressive contamination. Assemblies must be designed to withstand vibration and shock loads in a tight space. That is why ebm‑papst offers particularly robust and quiet fans for this application. After all, electric mobility means that the components' noise emissions play a greater role. As the diesel engine is replaced by an electric motor, the fan comes to the fore as the loudest source of noise.

Cooling buses quietly
The size 400 AxiEco axial fans from ebm‑papst are specially designed for use in vehicle technology. Aerodynamic optimizations of the impeller achieve a better and even air flow, and the noise level has been significantly reduced again. As a result, noise emissions for this application have been reduced by 12 dB (A) compared to conventional axial fans. The AxiEco is equipped with a continuously adjustable BLDC motor. The fans are maintenance-free and groundbreaking in global commercial vehicle applications. The electronics meet the requirements for the IP6K9K degree of protection, meaning that they withstand use of high-pressure cleaners.

Battery cooling system in electric buses
For an electric bus to be operated in an energy-efficient manner, it is necessary to keep the temperature of the battery, and other components, at an optimum temperature range. Batteries have an ever higher capacity, extending the range of the buses, but the batteries' cooling requirements are also increasing. For battery cooling, ebm‑papst has the size 310 RadiCal centrifugal fan in its product range, which runs particularly quietly and almost imperceptibly in quiet electric buses.

You can register for a free trade show ticket at: www.ebmpapst.com/registration
The ticket is valid for the trade show from October 7-12, 2023.

The AxiEco 400 axial fan is used in bus air conditioning systems, as well as other systems, and will be presented at the Busworld trade fair.



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